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Mike O’Dea the Real-Life Inspiration For The Town


Mike O’Dea always had an interest in art growing up in Massachusetts. However, he was diverted from his true calling and ended up living a life of crime. He was running his own crew in Everett, MA robbing shipping containers and engaging in other illegal activity before the DEA came knocking about a murder. That situation was enough to cause O’Dea to relocate to Florida and look for different avenues to earn a living. Through researching various billionaires O’Dea came across Donald Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” where he was inspired by Trump’s advice to “Think Big”. That advice led O’Dea to a career in real estate and auditioning for “The Apprentice” in 2004. O’Dea didn’t make it on “The Apprentice” but he had caught the acting bug!! After going on auditions he realized that he could write his own film opposed to waiting for someone to give him an opportunity.


O’Dea’s film was called “Townies” and it sparked national attention which got him on CNN in November of 2007 when his crew fired a prop gun in public. “Townies” also received much media attention but the financing for the film wasn’t in place. Hoping to get Ben Affleck onboard to produce and direct the film O’Dea sent his script to Affleck who later announced he would be making a movie called “The Town”. At this point O’Dea couldn’t sue because he hadn’t even seen Affleck’s film. How could he accuse him of stealing his script? Later “The Town” came out and the similarities to O’Dea’s original script for “Townies” are strikingly similar such as the setting, the main character’s desire to move to Florida, and several other resemblances.

If it is one thing that O’Dea has, its resilience, and even with the “Townies” setback he has managed to have a successful acting career booking roles in films such as “The Equalizer” and “Stronger”. O’Dea is currently working on finishing a new and revised version of “Townies” which he calls his “life’s work”. Check out O’Dea’s scene in the 2017 film “Stronger” starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

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