Kirk Cameron Has Become the Poster Child For Intolerance & Deception

I loved Kirk Cameron’s character of Mike Seaver on the sitcom Growing Pains. However who he is in real life doesn’t come close to the fictitious persona he portrayed on television. It’s not the fact that he espouses Conservative values but in the process has become the poster child for intolerance and deception.

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Kirk Cameron interviewing “biblically disqualified” former Pastor James MacDonald

I’m not just talking about his 2012 interview with Piers Morgan which sparked controversy. However, Cameron’s friendship and continued support of James MacDonald  who in addition to being “biblically disqualified’ from ministry is a definite cause of concern. MacDonald also has a number of financial improprieties, accusations of sexual harassment, and his allegations of soliciting murder. Cameron’s support of MacDonald is troubling to say the least and casts some serious doubt on his character. With Cameron’s wife recently expressing her gratitude that this charlatan is back in the ministry it is doubtful that the Cameron’s will be renouncing MacDonald anytime soon and that speaks volumes about the values that Cameron claims he has.


Another area that I find troubling is that Cameron supports Liberty University. A school that conned me out of thousands of dollars and offers very little value in regard to education. Schools like this prey on students looking for a Christian education but the online school is a scam. For instance if you don’t like the courses once classes have started you aren’t entitled to a refund. What legitimate university has a policy like this?


I think that the Conservative community is full of people that claim they have these values but if you really look with some depth into their partnerships. Like the old adage goes “show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. Mike Seaver had better friends like Bonehead than Cameron does in real life. Check out Cameron’s hateful remarks about the homosexual community. Does this seem like someone who is tolerant and has Christian values?

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