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Candace Owens is a tropical storm dreaming of becoming a hurricane. She is blowing Blexit winds up the skirts of the establishment Black Democrat base, just as uncle Joe fights off allegations of sexual assault and sticky stinky fingers. The same fingers that allegedly tiptoed up Tara Reade’s tanned leg and landed in her forbidden zone also penned the most controversial policies that ushered in an era of “superpredator” annihilation, prison cells and decorated crack cocaine vials. Yes, uncle Joe wrote a great deal of the 94 crime bill as he sought his proper place amongst the toughest on crime. Surely a debt is owed.

Candace Owens must be proud of uncle Joe’s conservative approach to encaging urbanesque, hard and testosterone filled bodies. She’ll never admit it though. The extreme irony is many members of the congressional Black caucus reluctantly cheered on Biden’s Black criminality death blow. After all, that rap crap beating from the trunks of Cadillacs could only lead to mass murderous attacks.

Hip hop must’ve been the score. Kris Kross to make you, Jump, Jump! was probably not the preferred drive-by shooting tune as gangster rap found it’s way into media and onto the floor of Congress. The “superpredators” were coming. Not only did the Mack Daddy make you Jump, he also made you think. Kris Kross’ reference to the Mack Daddy must have been some urbanized premonition of the ‘one’ to come. Not Jet Li, not Candace Owens and definitely not Kanye, but the daddy himself, Puff, Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy would come during the Crown sickness spread of 2020 to not only admonish Pharaoh, but to hold his children hostage.

Diddy’s 5% divine message called for proper consideration before the collective Black vote would fall into the lap of Biden. The Black vote is no longer discounted at 100% off. Diddy is calling for a reappraisal of the value of the collective Black vote and zero is not an option. This pied piper, unlike R. Kelly and the rat king, speaks of the restoration of Black identity, wealth, pride and culture. Surely there is a debt owed to the grunt workers, body men, mobilizers and most committed base of this desperate party.

Those who once branded Clinton as the “first Black President” now fear their children have gone to the wayside following bass lines and lyrical commandments. These children scream out Yang Gang right before head-on collisions with their Bernie Sanders loving and rose touting brothers and sisters. The romanticized revolution was streamed on twitter, but it was never televised. Airwaves were reserved for perp walks, Chicago’s teenage murder counts, and the big orange boogeyman they came to call “45”. These paternal boomers and elder clan X-men are disgusted with Diddy’s threat. Let him dance himself into oblivion before he thwarts the hopes of expelling 45. Diddy has become enemy number 4 behind Trump, Candace Owens and Kanye West.

The mere mention of 45’s actual name surely is a show of support worthy of cancellation. No one has been cancelled more than the prince of Blexit, the multibillionaire Chicago king of Polo and $500 moon shoes, Kanye West. Now the once beloved Diddy teeters on the brink of cancellation and an expulsion from Black excellence to the sunken place. The writing on the youtube comment wall was clear as the favorite commentators spilled the tea from the porcelain hypnotic glass, this foreigner wearing Diddy’s flesh became a threat.

How did we arrive here? Was Diddy rocked to sleep before undergoing the coagula procedure? Perhaps Uncle Joe simply owes a debt to the children separated from fathers locked away in cages and ghetto focused gulags. Diddy has threatened to hold the votes of these children hostage until uncle Joe presents a clear, concise, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, realistic and time-based set of goals as it relates to the Black community. This doesn’t seem to be an outrageous and unreasonable request from the African sweatshirt wearing hip hop mogul. Then why are so many older Black Biden supporters upset with Diddy? Could the answer be as simple as they truly dread a second Donald J. Trump term?

Losing a fraction of the collective Black vote would certainly secure a second term for Trump and nearly destroy the Democrat party. Then why not advocate for a more specific black agenda? Why skip Diddy’s demand and go straight to the worst case scenario? The aging Black Biden base represents a passing generation, they are in their sunset years and their pride is as high as the horizon. They are the parents of those exploring rebellion. These parents are the hostage negotiators attempting to release the hostaged vote of the youth from the hands of the likes of Diddy.

Many of these proverbial parents found themselves dazzled by all that green, the idea of suburban integration and day dreams as they allowed economic and social pillage and rape to ensue. Communities were lost and destroyed and now they want to try to tell millennials what? Retellings of apologies for that little crack problem and viral outbreak? Rebranding of that mountain of debt as the children’s only inheritance? Can you hear the hostage screaming a muffled thank you beneath the gag?

The children need not wait for approval from the preceding generations, but they must learn from their mistakes. The children must dump the guts and keep the shell, pack it with healing herbs and slowly inhale. Diddy must find the splintered agendas and mend them. The parents inherited movement from fading institutions holding on for dear life. Diddy must see the value of the Urban League, NAACP and affiliate institutions with foundations in the old world of Negrodum. These institutions were built by the great grandparents who continuously devised and executed agendas. Diddy, the black agenda is embedded in the charters of the oldest institutions. You must grab the reigns, provide support and remix their tired songs as you also make demands of Biden.

Tremendous gains were won on the backs of grandparents as agenda items like voter rights, integration, academic attainment and access were all secured with the support of Democrat allies. Simultaneously, the wealth gap widened, the death toll climbed and social disorganization reaped havoc under the boot of the same Democrat allies. What are the clear and concise 21st century solutions to these issues? It is fair to suggest Diddy’s use of the phrase “Black agenda” is merely an attempt to soften the demand for reparations. Be clear Diddy. Do not mince words. Biden’s website will reveal the standard Black agenda. It essentially calls for the reimplementation of Obama era policies that targets all lives and not Black lives specifically. What’s good for America is also good for Black people. But, what’s missing from Biden’s agenda is clear language on the implementation of reparations and a path towards truth and reconciliation not only for slavery but also the Jim Crow Era, economic deprivations, housing discrimination and the industrial prison complex.

It is safe to assume Biden will not advocate for reparations. What then becomes the next step Diddy? Will your hostages remain forever separated from their parents?

About Jim Blissitt III (3 Articles)
Jim is a Sociologist, Author, Activist, Orator and Educator from Chicago.

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