Dark-Skinned Women are the Main Proponents of Colorism


Tika Sumpter with the father of her child.

I’m tired of reading all these articles about celebrity black women who complain about how difficult it was on their self-esteem being black but are in interracial relationships. The truth of the matter is that a large number of these women are exclusively with white men, which is “fine and dandy” but using the race card to advance their career for sympathy is inexcusable. These are the same women who cry about the opportunities that exist in Hollywood for black women but choose white men as their life partners. It seems a bit contradictory.

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A sign that a lot of escorts including black women use discriminating against black men.

Colorism is a horrible thing that exists but I would argue that black women from my perspective are the main proponents of this horrible separation. Black women have idealized the white male as the perfect mate and this subconscious and often conscious  belief is present at the lowest levels of society with even black escorts who refuse to see black men. The racial bias that exists against black men from other black women is absurd.


Doug Emhoff with his wife  Kamala Harris who has built a career locking up record numbers of African-American men but is attempting to rebrand herself as a fighter of racial disparities.

Even on a historical level it makes little sense, considering that black men have never “subjugated” a whole race of people. However, black women ignore this fact and a lot complain about the difficulty of being a black woman but marry white men. I don’t want to see another article this year about black women claiming how difficult it is in society for them to get married when a number of them exclusively chase white men.

I love black women, I really do. We must admit a lot of them are gaming the system and attempting to use their black privilege while exclusively dating white men. Invariably, some will read this post and miss the point and think that I’m criticizing interracial relationships. The main point is that black women bemoaning the fact that they aren’t supported in their race but their actions show that a lot of black women who use these complaints, are really only social climbers and their dating patterns illustrate it.

Lupita Nyongo’o wrote a whole book about colorism and guess what race her boyfriend is:

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