Why the Sports Card Market is About to Crash


People have always touted the card industry as being a better investment than stocks and that has changed. We are living in an unprecedented era. Many assume that the pandemic will just go away but experts have predicted that it could take up to two years before things return to normal. With professional sporting events cancelled and current era cards about to take a steep dive, many already have, an Acuna (2018) Topps Update (PSA) 10s several weeks ago was $300, now you can get one for a little over $100.  The economy is at the most volatile point in American history with 22 million Americans unemployed, this means that it will be less disposable income for many traditional buyers. Couple this with the fact that the once thriving industry will eventually have to stop putting out productions and athletes such as Zion Williamson won’t immediately be forgotten, but eventually it will be a halt in the market with no games being played.

Now imagine no sporting events for two years and with many new era players popularity tied to performance, the sports card market is headed for a collapse similar to the late 1980s and 1990s. While vintage cards won’t be effected as much, how can current era cards have any value when sports aren’t being played? My prediction is that the pandemic will dramatically decrease the demand and cause committed collectors to realize the oversaturation of the card market. The stock market is a better investment right now because many companies that will remain after the pandemic are currently undervalued because of the fear, unlike the card market which is currently seeing a resurgence before the reality of the pandemic is actually faced. The sports card market previously thought a safe investment is not immune to a global recession.

Check out this video about what happens if the pandemic lasts for longer than 18 months:


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