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Oliver North Claims He Has Spent His Life in the Company of Heroes But He Built His Career Protecting Drug Dealers


Oliver North has a new Podcast called Real American Heroes where in the description he details how he has “spent his life in company of heroes” I thought that was hilarious. The same Oliver North who worked so closely with cocaine traffickers while simultaneously arming terrorists. The truth of the matter is that Olive North turned a blind eye to the Contras’ drug trafficking and protected the traffickers from being bought to justice by the U.S. government. That doesn’t sound very heroic to me. It isn’t surprising that neither are some of his guest such as Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly who is a proponent of treating criminals like subhumans opposed to rehabilitating them or Newt Gingrich who in April 1980, divorced his wife while she had uterine cancer. Maybe a more appropriate name for the Podcast would be Real American Scumbags!!

Check out “aider and abettor” to drug dealers Oliver North interviewing the “philandering” Newt Gingrich:


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