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Connor Cassidy Discusses the Inspiration Behind His Song “Not an Addict”


As a Massachusetts-based rapper, Connor Cassidy is carving his own path in hip-hop.  Right now he is probably best known for his strong social commentary on his song “Not an Addict”. You couldn’t find a more appropriate song from an artist from Mass at the moment with the epidemic of opioid-related deaths that have plagued the state. Prior to the interview his management sent me over a song he hasn’t released called “Time” and Connor’s sound isn’t one dimensional, he has impressive range for an artist and I’m looking forward to hearing his debut album Phoenix this summer. One of the strengths of Connor is that he is incredibly self-aware and pretty woke, very rarely do you hear an artist mention topics such as wealth inequality in interviews.  The former University of Miami student talked to me over Zoom about the inspiration behind his song “Not an Addict” and shared a bit of his backstory.

Check out Connor Cassidy’s music video “Not An Addict”:

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