Magno Garcia Discusses His Underground Gospel Rap LP “Like A Thief In the Night” Produced By Retrospec

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In hip-hop the term “gospel rap” has always had a negative connotation. When I was growing up in the 90s it was likely because most of the rappers who were rapping for the Lord weren’t very good. Some rappers had spiritual type songs such as DMX and later Kanye West with “Jesus Walks”. As far as quality hip hop/gospel albums it hasn’t been any. Some might argue that Kanye recently dropped Jesus is King, an album I enjoyed but if I’m keeping it a buck, that isn’t a hip-hop project. Magno Garcia has done what many thought was impossible on this project, he has created a hip-hop album infused with his love of God that has replay value for real hip-hop heads!!

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I caught up via Zoom with the rapper who talked with me about the importance of being authentic saying “how I am on this album, I’m in real life”. It also doesn’t hurt that the album has some incredible production courtesy of Brooklyn based Retrospec.

Listen to his song “Parade of Killing Shaitan” from his Like a Thief in the Night LP



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