NY Rapper “Vice Verses” commemorated after death with Zoom conference


Mic Controller Jason Williams, known as Vice Verses, was commemorated by a large Zoom conference after his passing last week.

Jason‘ Vice Verses ’Williams passed away last week and the whole hip hop community is in mourning.


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Hip hop Artist Slaine talked about his over twenty year friendship with Vice Verses.

The veteran lyricist, known for his aggressive style, was the host of the legendary “End Of The Weak”, a long-standing weekly open mic in New York.

Williams also was the originator of the “MC Challenge”, which gave lyricists around the globe a chance to show their skills in competition “without the ridicule of a traditional battle”,commemorative fund set up in his memory.

The money raised will be used to create the Verses Foundation, a scholarship fund for the youth that supports the creative development of young artists, according to GoFundMe.

Check out this tribute video to Vice Verses:


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