The Hypocrisy of Alyssa Milano Being Part of #MeToo Movement


Actress and fake #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano stands by her endorsement of Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Despite the recent sexual assault allegation against the previous vice president and the disapproval she received from other celebrities and activists over her statement.

In a recent interview with BuzzFeed News, Milano further explains why she is supporting Biden, saying he has been vetted by herself and others.

“I still feel confident in endorsing Joe Biden,” Milano told BuzzFeed News’ Twitter show AM to DM. “And obviously a lot of other people do as well from Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren to Barack Obama.”

Milano talks about men being giving due process but isn’t this the same woman who has attacked Trump and Kavananugh with the claim that victims should be believed. When in the case of Trump it is no evidence he has ever committed sexual assault and the evidence against Kavananugh is flimsy at best. So her support of Biden seems very contradictory against her past stated values.

“I don’t go into these decisions ever lightly or without great thought and also research,” claims Milano. “I think when we get into this place of believing women, regardless of giving men due process, it actually does more harm to the movement than good.” Or did the actress attach herself to a political movement to increase the relevance of her failed acting career? It’s no secret that women become less relevant in Hollywood as they age, isn’t she almost 50?

In March, Tara Reade a former Biden staffer, whose sexual assault story lacks credibility similar to Trump and Kavananugh accusers, said in a podcast interview that Biden had sexually assaulted her in 1993 – an allegation that his campaign claims is false. Lets not forget all the creepy videos of Biden touching young girls along the campaign trail. Numerous Democrats have defended Biden of what many call inappropriate touching:

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