Jon Voight Fails to Acknowledge the Failure of the Trump Presidency



Voight was spotted as he left the market with a bottle of white wine and a sandwich.

Conservative Jon Voight recently posted a video on Twitter on April 14th. Voight starts off by saying “we are all in this together”, a comical statement for someone who supports a President who has been one of the most divisive figures in history. He goes further in the video accusing the Democrats of “trying to keep darkness in power”. Has the 81 year old actor lost his mind or is he simply delusional? Over 50,000 Americans have died and one person bears responsibility, and that is President Donald Trump.

Angelina-Jon-GettyThe pandemic is not because of Trump. However, the lack of preparedness of the country most definitely rests on Trump’s shoulders. Allowing maintenance contracts to lapse in 2018 is another failure of Trump. How about storing enough protective medical gear for the nation? While Trump insisted for weeks that the coronavirus was a “democrat hoax”. The Democratic Party isn’t a beacon of hope but Trump’s presidency has definitely bought this darkness upon our nation and failure to acknowledge these failures is dishonest.

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To dissect it even further I’ve always wondered why Jon Voight had such popularity within the Conservative community, the party that allegedly stands for family values. Voight in 1976, when Angelina was just a year old, her father, Jon, abandoned his marriage to Marcheline Bertrand and his kids after only five years of marriage. He allegedly had an affair, abandoning Angelina and her older brother, James Haven.

Check out this video which details the complicated relationship between Angelina Jollie and Jon Voight:

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