Is Anthony Anderson a Serial Rapist?

What are the odds of being accused of rape once? How about multiple times. That is the case for the “Black-ish” star. Is it possible that the Emmy nominated actor is a sexual predator? He portrays himself as a family man but so did another serial rapist, Bill Cosby.    The saying goes where there’s smoke there’s fire.


In 2004, Anderson and an assistant director Wayne Witherspoon were accused of raping a background extra on the set of the Oscar winning film Hustle & Flow. The woman accused them of forcing her to have sex with them repeatedly over the course of days.  A judge dismissed the rape charges against Anthony, saying ”This is absolutely the most suspicious case I’ve ever heard.”

Later in the same year, Anderson was again accused of sexual assault by a woman who alleged that he made suggestive comments and grabbed her genitals.

In July 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that a caterer accused Anderson of sexual assault. The exact date of the alleged assault was not releases, although it was at least a few months before the accusation was made.

I would note that Los Angeles County has one of the most corrupt prosecutors offices, for $50,000 you can pay off a judge for a murder charge, this isn’t rumor, its facts. If you think that you can’t pay a judge to dismiss a rape case you are kidding yourself. Its easy to believe that women are just money hungry but what about the allegations of women who have accused him that aren’t going public?

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