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How the Rapper 50 Cent Exploited the Legacy of Kelvin Martin and Trolled Supreme at the Same Time

Actor and singer Curtis Jackson "50 Cent" arrives at the closing ceremony of the 57th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco, June 20, 2017. REUTERS/Eric Gaillar


Kelvin Martin from the Fort Greene projects in Brooklyn was a certified goon that would rob rappers, like when he relieved LL Cool J of a gold chain at White Castles. Martin also would rob drug dealers, he was only 5’5 but invoked fear on the streets of New York during the height of the crack era!! An associate of the Supreme Team and Eric B. and Rakim it would make sense that Curtis Jackson would adopt ’50 Cent’ as his rap name. While some rappers have no street reputation at all, such as former correctional officer William Leonard Roberts II (Rick Ross). The rapper 50 Cent “Curtis Jackson” was a former crack dealer in Queens, NY. Curtis Jackson adopting ’50 Cent’ as his rap name seems more appropriate considering he actually had a rap sheet.


In 1987 Kelvin Martin was killed by Julio “Wemo” Acevedo

Martin earned the name ’50 Cent’ because of robbing people no matter how much money they were carrying at the time. Another story is that it came from an incident when he entered a game of dice with 50 cents and won 500 dollars. Martin was killed in 1987 by Julio Acevedo because he was planning on robbing a stash house. Martin’s family and friends have never been happy with the rapper 50 Cent playing off the notoriety of Martin’s street name, but it was also a way for the rapper 50 Cent to troll Supreme, who Martin is rumored to have snitched on. Supreme was also alleged to have had an “ongoing plot” to kill the rapper. Do you think a gangsta such as Kelvin Martin could exist in the current era with cameras and facial recognition?


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