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Adult Star Jessica Jade Hasn’t Faced Her Childhood Traumas


Former busty adult star Jessica Jade wasn’t happy with her experience in the adult industry. Perhaps it was the pay, the politics of the industry, or even the invasion of her privacy telling me we have “stalker fans”. The model reveals that she has plenty of grievances and complaints with the industry. Jade has left the adult industry to be a full time escort in Los Angeles and you can book her on sites such as Eros. When asked about her childhood traumas, the model was visibly upset enough to make me ask the question if the adult industry is profiting off the victimization of its workers. The fact that she was sexually abused doesn’t give her the right to make false claims and disparage me online. Check out the full video:

This video doesn’t exist


24 Comments on Adult Star Jessica Jade Hasn’t Faced Her Childhood Traumas

  1. Jessica jade // April 14, 2020 at 4:47 pm // Reply

    Ryan the video posted is not of you, isnt your property and is unrelated to me and you.

    Your first question was if I was ever molested.

    You had asked Cali roses if she had huge sexual urges as a young child .

    Some type of fixation you have on child sexual abuse .

    You owe back pay in child support and you don’t get paid for these articles you write for a website that has no following

    You say you went to Harvard , that’s not true -All of your degrees are online programs .

    You allege coast guard (while I was navy , so while I’m a female I’m sorry my balls are bigger than yours )

    Also I never admitted to having sexual abuse as a child – it’s what you’re aiming for because of your perverse obsession.

    We never met in person

    I refused to do the interview based on the inappropriate question

    You threatened me in the email stating you would “ find me and shove your dick down my throat” when I said I wouldn’t comply with your requests .

    I called the police , gave your name and by now you should have received the c&d papers my attorney sent over !

    • I’m above trying to slander your character. The blog is based on facts. None of the allegations you claim are true, I’ve never been on child support in my life and I did attend Harvard. The question I posed is legitimate and Howard Stern asks the same question in every interview with an adult actress he has done. The Coast Guard’s boot camp is much tougher than the Navy’s and during times of war they are the same service. I find it laughable that an escort who illegally sucks dick for a living is claiming they are reporting me to the police. I think you are being prejudice because I’m African-American and I’ve asked you repeatedly to stop contacting me.

  2. Jessica jade // April 15, 2020 at 6:37 am // Reply

    it’s super deranged that your top question is about childhood sexual urges and you have two daughters, probably more !

    Your child support is out of Illinois

    Nobody cares about your military experience

    You target white porn stars and then when you don’t get what you want you claim racism like a victim

    you’re clearly making unwelcome advances for an inappropriate interview topic : the other girl who didn’t comply you called her a white supremacist ! That is Horse shit !!!!

    Child molestation and child sexual urges aren’t up for discussion .

    When we don’t want to talk about it , you quote Eminem lyrics specifically about pedophilia !?!!! Then you claim supremacism over here and racism over there . Smh

    I’m sorry you’re obsessed with white porn stars’ child hood sexual trauma ,

    not sure why it’s so interesting to you :

    why young girls having urges early on is interesting to you ???

    Yes I have done porn , I make money , I have a lot of boyfriends, sorry !

    If you want to pull the racism card that’s fine ( victim mentality)

    I’ have sucked the black off a brother or two (or 20) and will gladly do so again –

    But while we have pulled that racism card- let’s exolore it

    You feeling like a little poopy chimpanzee has nothing to do with me . Or that other girl who refused to do an interview with you . She’s not a white supremacist . You’re insecure and you hate yourself

    It’s you who feels like a gorilla

    I never said anything about your race – but since you brought it up , yeah

    baboons show their asses ( just like you can make shots in the dark at me )

    write another fake interview . Who’s gonna care to read your ugly monkey loser D list actor . !!!

    who never attended Harvard a day or n their whole little macaque life ! want a banana ? Ooh ooh ah ah

    take that and packie it right up your stanky monkey ass , you POS no good half ass no balls no heart bitchass sad pathetic little nobody going nowhere pedophile weirdo

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, it was the initial question but not the focus of the interview. I ask adult film stars of all races for interviews but most African-American adult actresses decline or want money. I never wanted anything from you but an interview to help grow my platform. I don’t have child support in any state and my three children reside with me. I really don’t have any interest in the topic but the market speaks for itself, my adult film interviews get the most views. The girl who I wrote a blog about being a white supremacist was not an adult actress. I did attend Harvard for two semesters and have a degree from an accredited four-year institution that is a brick and mortar school. Instead of harassing the men who use your body you want to condemn me for asking questions you don’t like about your life which are relevant to your career choice. I hope you get the help you deserve, here is a link to a previous interview with Dr. Ava Cadell who specializes in childhood trauma and I believe she is located in LA

  3. Jessica jade // April 15, 2020 at 9:34 am // Reply

    Being an adult film star and having sexual childhood trauma aren’t related actually

    This was a question you chose to pose

    bc you heard Howard stern or who ever do it –

    I still haven’t admitted to experienced it ,

    Also , we never met in person

    I never agreed to do this or any interview .

    I already have put reviews on yelp in Revere, Massachusetts . Regarding and 84 ent group.

    My screenshots will showcase the threats you made to me there.

    What you have typed in the email exchange will show enough

    You said

    “…I’ll come to where you are right now shove my dick down your throat and show you how much of a weirdo I am. Keep fucking with me and you will see whose side God is on.“ On March 27 at 0549 am

    • it is many experts with doctorate degrees that would disagree with you and even former adult film stars have stated that they are in porn because of their traumas. You did agree to the interview. Your emails will show continued defamation of character of myself and harassment. Maybe I should report you to the IRS since you want to leave untruthful reviews or file a defamation lawsuit. You aren’t showing the full context of our conversation and are being very deceitful and dishonest. I’ll pray you get the help you need!!

  4. Jessica jade // April 15, 2020 at 8:19 pm // Reply

    It’s you who had an interest in inappropriate topics

    It’s you who has written this review

    It’s you who has made threats towards me

    I’m the star and you’re the stalker fan

    You lose

    I win

    • You won, now you can leave me alone. Are you just bored because of social distancing? Look I apologized previously but I wasn’t trying to hurt you or manipulate you. I really was just trying to do a great interview with you and you are a star which is why I reached out but you didn’t want to do the interview, is it really necessary to bash the people who do interviews with me or my work? I apologized several times and I’m not even doing many blog interviews for this blog or adult interviews. So at the end of the day it’s really a non issue.

  5. Jessica jade // April 15, 2020 at 8:34 pm // Reply

    I’m bc right again you’re making excuses for the topic you aggressively pursue (childhood SEXUAL trauma )

    You’re unoriginal , you lack diplomacy , you didn’t get my permission and you lack professionalism in your responses and show aggressive reaction stating threats towards me :

    these are your words, not Howard sterns , not any other doctoral degree holding scientific professionals. Yours .

    You stated on March 27 at 5:49 :

    “The interview would have been mutually beneficial. So when I post this blog saying you have an incurable STD won’t hurt your business on EROS. Leave me alone bitch, I’ve been more than nice and I’m moving in peace. I’ll come to where you are right now shove my dick down your throat and show you how much of a weirdo I am. Keep fucking with me and you will see whose side God is on.”

    • I didn’t aggressively pursue it because I told you I was fine removing the question. What do you want from me? I have apologized, I don’t do adult interviews anymore, and I’m not even writing for this blog after a couple more posts. You are entitled to your feelings and I wish you the best but you are beating a dead horse!!

  6. Jessica jade // April 15, 2020 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    Another you wrote to me on Twitter was a quote from eminem

    “ sorry you had your little *** in your dads mouth , it’s no reason to spaz out”

    Your harassment has been ongoing , once I refused the interview you take the topic and make. A joke of it by quoting pedophilia Eminem lyrics that have traumatic nature

    You didn’t get the info you wanted from me (sexual urges as child : sexual trauma ) so you throw another form of childhood sexual experience (by way of Eminem lyrics) To the wind because it’s YOUR fixation.

    Blame whoever you want Howard stern or this psychology or that , but these were words you used and questions you asked,

    these are the contexts you retaliated with .

    Nobody having any degree from any school would do this to anyone

    And yet you have done it to me

    • How many times did I apologize and state that I was sincerely sorry for upsetting you. We were having a private email conversation but you are the one who decided to air your grievances on Instagram and Twitter. I’m not blaming anyone. I can be accountable for what I’ve done and take full responsibility. I do sincerely wish you the best!!

  7. Jessica jade // April 15, 2020 at 8:49 pm // Reply

    You made threats and you harassed me

    Claimed you saw me , you’ve never !

    Then you published the article I refused to partake in

    Your attempt to victimizing me has blown up in your face and you cannot back track now that you’ve made threats

    your words: March 27 5:49 am you said :

    “The interview would have been mutually beneficial. So when I post this blog saying you have an incurable STD won’t hurt your business on EROS. Leave me alone bitch, I’ve been more than nice and I’m moving in peace. I’ll come to where you are right now shove my dick down your throat and show you how much of a weirdo I am. Keep fucking with me and you will see whose side God is on.”

    I think you didn’t get the questions you were pining for and went into a fit of rage .

    You remind me of a person who thinks pwdophiles should have rights if the minor consented to statutory rape . To be honest . That’s why you are obsessed with this issue

    This dead horse is yours and you can thank yourself for exposing your fixation and obsession of childhood urges and wether or not young girls have sexual urges and blame whatever or whoever but you lost control when you didn’t get the full bean spill from me and you have to live with the consequences of your decision

  8. Jessica jade // April 15, 2020 at 9:24 pm // Reply

    U r a pathetic African American who pulls your own bitchass card

    Figure it out u brown poopy smelling baboon pedophile

    • I don’t receive that. I’m an exceptional African-American man who is married and takes care of my family. I haven’t done anything to you but you just enjoy harassing me even though I’ve been nothing but nice. Its kind of odd since you’re such a big star and all!!

  9. Jessica jade // April 16, 2020 at 12:48 am // Reply

    I’m telling you

    U can Assert yourself all you want u pathetic turd

    But your bs vlog smells like little Monkey pedophile poops

    You couldn’t be a gorilla alpha male if you died a thousand deaths

    Call someone who can sympathize with your status as a bottom feeding unwanted ugly dusty old decrepit with a belly like a pregnancy lady with ttties like a bitch sorry ass blogger

  10. Jessica jade // April 16, 2020 at 12:56 am // Reply

    Nobody cares about you or your kids

    Nobody cares about your vlogs

    Slaves give birth to salves

    That’s why the only exceptional thing you can do is profit off white women sob story

    like the obsessive stalker fan that you are

    Make something of yourself and quit riding the curtails of others tradgedy

    You remind me of Quincy Braxton adsorption attorney who airs out all the infants medical record and gets his notoriety from exploiting ppl who cannot stick up for themselves

    Who aren’t capable

    Youre both black – you just think white ppl won’t stick up for themselves or say hey this is wrong what you’re doing

    There’s nothing exceptional about you . That’s why you try to exploit whites and then pull your bitchass card

  11. Jessica jade // April 16, 2020 at 12:58 am // Reply

    Admit it

    You got caught trying to play me and now I’m handing you your ass on your own stupid ass plate

  12. i Just like hearing you struggle
    And grovel
    Ask me some more questions slave
    Shake yo man titties

  13. At least my boobs are real. From those good meals my wife cooks. How many man titties have you had dripping sweat on your face for a dollar wishing for them to be done? If someone gives you money to pop you in the ass, you gotta do it right? Whose really the slave? I write for this blog voluntarily.

  14. Jessica jade // April 16, 2020 at 2:52 pm // Reply

    Ahhh haaa gotchu again

    See how you switch up

    You don’t wish anybody well

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