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A year after his death Nipsey Hussle’s legacy endures. Living in South Central Los Angeles for six years I always admired the work that Nipsey Hussle was doing in the community and his musical catalogue since his inception as an artist. I remember the day before he died I had a discussion after a scene study class with some of my classmates at Harvard Extension discussing Nipsey’s relevance. Keep in mind at the time of his death he had been nominated for a Grammy for “Victory Lap”. Make no mistake people mostly discovered his music after his tragic death, and that is okay.


Posthumously he became a Grammy winner and made significant cultural impact. Ava Duvernay has plans to make a documentary about him and the mother of his child Lauren London has teamed up with Puma for the Forever Strong campaign. His catalogue of music will stand the test of time and fans are anxiously awaiting his posthumous releases. His accused killer Eric Holder  has pleaded Not Guilty and is awaiting trial.


With the recent loss of Kobe Bryant it’s an important message to give the people their roses why they are here because you never know when they might not be here. I never told Nipsey Hussle how much he meant to me as an artist and how much inspiration I drew from his music. Songs that helped me cope through life and get through some of the adversity I faced in life by listening to songs such as “Bigger than Life”. His music was the soundtrack for my life and lives on through shows like All American. Listen to “Bigger than Life” and post your favorite Nipsey Hussle song in the comments:

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