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Is Engelwood Rapper Goaldin Tone Chicago’s Most Slept On Artist?




Where is he from: (Engelwood) Chicago, Il

On “Morning Remedy” set all over Chicago scenic locations including his neighborhood of Engelwood. He raps “them Pinocchio lies, I ain’t as green as Jiminy” warning about the disadvantages of major label deals.

Who did he grow up listening to? 

He grew up listening to the Golden Era of hip-hop such as artists like Tupac and Biggie. He cites Tupac as being his biggest inspiration but has love for other artists like Jay-Z

Whats his most slept-on song:

He has a consistent catalogue of music that can appeal to the streets and commercial radio. If I had to bet it all on one song I would say “Above it All” could be his breakout hit.

Why he will blow?

Beside the fact he has great visuals and an underrated catalogue of music and has previously collaborated with artists such as Rico Recklezz. He has a versatility that is similar to artists such as Drake but a more interesting backstory. The authenticity in his music is comparable to other popular Chicago artists such as Rod Wave.

Follow Ryan Glover (@actorrglover) and Goaldin Tone (@goaldintone) on Twitter and Instagram


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