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Will Warner Bros. Ever Make the Static Shock Live Action Series?

Batman Enthusiast Jaden Smith.


Static Shock the comic book character was created in 1993. A collaboration of African-American artists that included Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan. Static Shock was first developed for Marvel but ended up on Milestone Comics which was published through DC comics; a highly controversial arrangement at the time where some critics of the arrangement accused the Milestone’s partnership with the “mostly white owned” DC comics as being a way to undermine other black independent companies. By 2000 Milestone Media wasn’t creating any new characters because of an over saturation of “new universes” from other publishers, an effect of the comic book crash of 1994, but Static Shock had an animated series on the WB for the first time making a teenage African-American superhero the titular character.


Voiced by Phil Lamarr. The story followed Virgil Hawkins a high school student in Dakota City, the setting of the “Dakotaverse”. The Daytime Emmy Award winning show it ran for four seasons (52 episodes) and had awesome guest stars such as Kadeem Harrison. It even had a cool theme song with Lil Romeo and rumor has it the show was only cancelled because they weren’t creating enough merchandising items.

As recent as 2015 rumors have been echoed by ‘Walking Dead Star’ Tyler James Williams of Jaden Smith being cast in the Static Shock web series which has never been confirmed.


A Static Shock Poster Was in the bedroom on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the middle of Will Smith and Craig Kirkwood .

With Jaden Smith five years older and having found success in music with his hit song “Icon” and taking up humanitarian efforts with his spring water company Just Water, is he still interested in the role, or was he ever? One thing is for sure with the popularity of Static Shock the live action-adaptation by Warner Bros would be greatly appreciated by Static Shock fans.


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