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Eva Notty Gets Real About Life in the Adult Industry




Eva Notty has had an amazing career in the adult film industry. One of the most recognizable faces in porn, the former Scores Model of the Year has racked up an impressive 159 million views on Pornhub alone. I caught up with the small town girl from Tuscon, Arizona over Skype who dispelled some common misconceptions about working in the sex industry. One takeaway from speaking with Eva is that the path to being an adult star is an arduous one.

You can’t help admire her hustle and entrepreneurial skills. How many adult stars have  attempted to start their own trucking company? She has a gentle demeanor where if you hadn’t seen her adult work you would think she was probably a lawyer or some other career professional. After generating wealth for the larger companies in the adult industry, Notty is focused on her own happiness and wealth. Her most admirable quality is her candidness. It isn’t a disingenuous bone in her sexy body.

Ryan Glover: So I’m here with porn legend Eva Notty. How are you doing today?

Eva Notty: I’m fabulous, how are you?

Ryan Glover: I’m really great. Thank you so much for taking the time.

Eva Notty: I grew up in Tuscon, Arizona. Small town girl.

Ryan Glover: Okay, small town and everything. I think I was reading on the internet and it said you had your first job working for your family owned trucking company. Is that true?

Eva Notty: Yeah, my ex-stepfather he had a trucking company and I would like just lay on the floors and sleep [until] somebody called. I was like fourteen years old answering the phones and stuff, its kind of funny.  But umm, yeah it was a trucking company, it was kind of cool. I ended up starting a trucking company like in 2016, it went under, but it was fun.

Ryan Glover: Oh, that’s awesome. Very much an entrepreneurial spirit.


Eva Notty: Yeah, not afraid to try things thats for sure.

Ryan Glover: So how did you go into wanting to become an adult actress?

Eva Notty: Umm, I never wanted to, I just had a few things that happened to me in life, I guess I just played the cards dealt to me, you know? I was wrong place, wrong time and I ended up, it was just the best thing for me to do at the time. It was either kill myself, kill everybody around me, or just play the cards dealt. And I just played the cards dealt.

Ryan Glover: So when you got into the industry, did you intend to have the longevity that you have?

Eva Notty: No. Absolutely not.  I never even had an agent. So I just did a few shoots for Score. It’s a big tits magazine and they loved me. I was shooting exclusively for them and then all of a sudden producers started calling me from left to right, everywhere. So I was like okay, and then I became Score Model of the Year and then. It just went on from there. I moved from…well, I got robbed in Phoenix, and so I got 75 percent less stuff to pack, and I was like why not move to California? So I moved to California and that’s when my career started taking off,  because I was accessible.

Ryan Glover: You didn’t have any reservations. But I guess you we’re in a dire situation that [led] you into that life?

Eva Notty: No, I just kind of went with it because… I was going to school for criminal justice and got arrested for something that I didn’t do and I couldn’t pursue that career anymore. So I just decided to let the cards just play themselves.

Ryan Glover: Oh yeah, I definitely can relate to that, the criminal justice system sucks in this country.

Eva Notty: Especially in Arizona, if you are not with them, you are against them. They will do everything in their power to let you know that.

Ryan Glover: How did your family take the news of you being a sex worker. Did you have a conversation with them?

Eva Notty: Ok, so. My brothers didn’t really care. My father’s deceased but I know he would be proud of me just for doing what I had to do to survive. My mom she doesn’t really care one way or the other as long as I had money for her to spend. I guess it’s not as tight-knit as most people would like. So I’ve kind of always been solo.

Ryan Glover: So you’re out in California. What was your first interpretation of the porn industry when you started working?


Eva Notty: I was scared, I was nervous. Just everything. I don’t know. I was always nervous. I always talked myself in and out of it three or four times. So, to say today I would be a professional or a pro at it, I wouldn’t say that. I’m still very much nervous Nellie. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable fuckin’ on film.

Ryan Glover: That’s so hard to believe. Looking at some of your work. Cause I’ve watched your swallow scenes.

Eva Notty: I only have one swallow scene and thats on my website, so thank you.

Ryan Glover: You just look very comfortable on the camera. Do you think thats acting mostly.

Eva Notty: Its just like before I get there I’m nervous, nervous, nervous, once I start going I kind of forget the cameras there. After a while it got to a point where it felt good that I was pleasing thousands of people at the same time. Just by one video. It was kind of a turn on, it was fun.

Ryan Glover: How do you like interacting with your fans?

Eva Notty: I love it. I love my fans. I really do. I love when they are gentleman. I think I’ve met a few fans, I’ve gone out of my way to meet up with someone here in Vegas they wanted to buy a signed DVD, so I’d go meet up with them at a coffee shop or something like that. It sucks to say it, but five times out of ten they”ll always be like not gentleman. Just gropy, feely, like dude I’m a person. Just because I’m a porn person and adult actor doesn’t mean you can just fondle me.

Ryan Glover: I totally understand that. Even at the Sci-Fi conventions they have “cos-play doesn’t mean consent” thats a issue. I’ve been reading about that at the porn conventions.

Eva Notty: Totally, but the girls they are just trashy, they don’t care. I’m not saying it is one type of person. Everyone is their own person in this industry but everybody’s had their own traumas and pretty sure that’s why they are in this industry. I can’t name one person that doesn’t have traumas. That’s kind of what led them to have the self-esteem to get into the porn industry. You see what I’m saying?

Ryan Glover: It’s such an unspoken thing. Some people they haven’t even addressed that trauma and don’t feel comfortable speaking out about it. I think a lot of things would change at times if people would speak about what they’ve been through. A lot of times girls pretend that nothing ever happened to them.

Eva Notty: Some are really hush, hush. They like to mask it with drugs or sex. It’s pretty sad but it is what it is. I just know from my experience everybody has a little bit of damage. The guys are all sex addicts, they’re all sex addicts. That why they are in the industry but I don’t know. It’s kind of sad if you think about it.

Ryan Glover: It’s refreshing to hear your truth because I think a lot of times I interview porn stars and they tell me how fun it is and how great their lives [are]. They can’t wait to get double penetrated and gang-banged. I never heard from somebody that has a more mature perspective.

Eva Notty: Put it this way. You’re not paying me, so I’m going to be real as real can be. I’m not going to put on a show or be fake or anything like that.

Ryan Glover: That’s real. I definitely appreciate that. The adult industry is really oversaturated on the internet.


Eva Notty: So much, right now its ridiculous. Its just so many people, they are grabbing any girl off the corner. Any girl does one video, “Oh, I’m a porn star”. It’s crazy how oversaturated it is. You’re very, very correct. It’s like everywhere. The raunchier, I don’t think it’s any class in it anymore. Kind of sucks!!

Ryan Glover: Do you feel Onlyfans and sites like that have given you…

Eva Notty: I love Onlyfans. I don’t shoot for websites anymore. I just shoot for my Onlyfans. Cause, you know why shoot a big scene and then go through all that when I can just do one on one customs, and just kind of like do my own thing and then post it and if they want to get it they can get it. I like it, I can converse with everybody and see what they really like. When you shoot the scene you only get paid that one time. It’s not that much, not that much at all. And if you think about that I have to pay for my testing and I have to pay for my outfits and then I gotta pay for the day. It’s a whole day of tedious stuff.

Ryan Glover: Do you feel like you were exploited or that [sex] workers are exploited?

Eva Notty: I allowed it. Exploited, thats kind of like a bad word. I just feel like, I’m done letting big companies make money off of me and I’d rather just shoot for my Onlyfans. It’s a give or take, they made my name pretty big. So I mean really, like who exploited who, you know? It was a give and take situation. Seriously, they make a lot of money but they also have a lot of girls now. I’m very grateful for everything, all the companies I’ve shot for. There’s only a few producers like honestly, I have no idea why they are even breathing in this world. You know, it’s just everything is a give or take.

Ryan Glover: How are the people? Because you hear some stories of girls being on set being pressured to have sex with people that they don’t necessarily want to.

Eva Notty: So with me. I never had an agent. So I made all the deals, everything was understood before I got to set. In the beginning I had a no list. But then after I started getting a little bit of experience and understanding what I was doing, I had a yes list. So I just gave them people I would work with and if they had a new person, then they could let me know I would check them out and let them know. But usually I just shot with my yes list because it was easier that way. Otherwise I got linked up with people like Billy Glide (porn star who died from a snake bite in 2014), God rest his soul. You know he was like a tree trunk, I didn’t research him before because it was kind of a last minute shoot and it was, I thought I died!! I was like oh my God, good luck with that. Let’s do this.

Ryan Glover: Was size a pretty good reason, if someone was too large, that would get them on your no list. What were some other reasons?

Eva Notty: If we didn’t click. Just so many other things. If their hygiene was bad, if I had to tell them to go wash they’re balls. I just don’t understand how someone could show up to work, smelly!!

Ryan Glover: Hygiene is obviously very important, and I imagine even more so in the adult industry. Did you ever date any of the people you worked with?

Eva Notty: So onetime I saw a guy and we ended up not dating anymore because I was in the industry (laughs). He was mental like I said. We got into it because I bought a ticket for him to come out and see me and he didn’t want to come. And, I was like, know what? Fuck it, I don’t need it. I kind of like got upset and was like don’t call me anymore. And he was like “you’re in the porn industry anyway”. Dude what? That’s how I met you. Never again.

Ryan Glover: He sounds like an idiot.

Eva Notty: He was just jealous because he’s a sex addict and he wasn’t getting any.

Ryan Glover: You’ve traveled all over the world. Where are some of the favorite places that you’ve visited?

Eva Notty: My absolute favorite was Japan. I had so much fun in Japan. I’m actually thinking of uploading a video on my youtube, like one day in Japan I went to a Monkey Habitat and almost got beat up by a monkey and then I got bit in Nara by a deer. So I had Kobe beef in Kobe. It was kind of cool. I didn’t like the beef their though, I like the beef here.

Ryan Glover: How is your dating life, do you think being a porn star interferes with that?


Eva Notty: Yeah big time. It’s hard to find a confident guy regardless. But definitely it doesn’t help at all. My fans are like when are you going to date a normal guy. Whats normal. All I date is normal. Every time I see a guy they always end up being abusive in some way or another. Like bad. Like mentally, physically, emotionally. It’s just weird.

Ryan Glover: Do you think that’s somewhat of resentment because you do porn? Is that even a issue, or is that something with them?

Eva Notty: I don’t know, I feel it’s something with them. They have to compete. All guys tend to be like that, feel like they have to compete with me. I don’t know why. I’m pretty open and pretty chill.

Ryan Glover: What do you mean compete?

Eva Notty: Everything’s a competition. Like everything, if I buy a new car. Oh, they have to get a brand new car, I just totaled my car, I need to get a brand new car. They have to one up me on everything, but I would go out of my way to help them with everything!! They’re selfish, narcissistic. I think I have that magnet for narcissists.

Ryan Glover: Yeah, narcissists are no good. I have this page I follow on Instagram and they talk about all the characteristics of narcissists everyday and I read it.

Eva Notty: They talk themselves up. My ex was ashamed…he blocked me on Facebook so none of his family could know, because he was ashamed. Facebook is for friends and family, but I also have it as Ms. Notty, because I wouldn’t delete that, he blocked me because he was ashamed of his family finding out what I do for a living. Why does it matter? Why are you even around?

Ryan Glover: How are you when you go out? Do you wear super revealing clothes? Are you pretty conservative?

Eva Notty: I’m very conservative. Not very, I get recognized a lot, lot, lot, and I don’t really need to stand out too much. I just dress chill. I don’t like wearing heels thats for sure.


Ryan Glover: How is it going out and being recognized. Do you enjoy that attention?

Eva Notty: I don’t mind it. I don’t mind it at all. If a fan recognizes me. Most of the time they are just shy, but I can feel it. I can sense it. Like oh, he just recognized me but didn’t say anything, okay he’s nervous. But sometimes they’ll come up and say hi and take pictures with them and stuff like that.

Ryan Glover: Ever had an overzealous fan, like a stalker?

Eva Notty: Yeah, pretty much all haters are overzealous stalkers, they’re like superfans. Thats what a hater, to me thats what a hater is, a super fan.

Ryan Glover: Do you get criticism on social media ever?

Eva Notty: Am I alive? Am I running blood? But the second I don’t have haters is the second I’m not doing it right. I’ve actually learned to grow thick skin. I’m so grateful because before I started in this industry I was really shy, and just reserved. This industry has taught me how to just, not care, how to put myself first. At the end of the day what someone says to me or about me isn’t going to make me sleep any less, isn’t going to effect my life any less.

Ryan Glover: Why do you feel like the porn industry seems to break certain girls but in your case it seems to have made you stronger and more empowered?

Eva Notty: Yeah, I don’t know. Why do ugly girls think they’re the shit? It’s just a mentality. Its a mental… I also moved out when I was fifteen so I didn’t really have a lot like of growing up like at home or anybody to teach me. I kind of always taught myself, so I just figured out that I’m not gonna let somebody I don’t know, some troll on the internet break me. Why? They don’t know me, I don’t know them you know? I try to find the positive in everything, because there is a positive in everything.

Ryan Glover: So the adult industry is shut down til the 31st because of the coronavirus. It’s over 100,000 cases now in the U.S. What are your thoughts about that?

Eva Notty: Really? That’s a lot. A lot, lot. There are also a whole bunch of people that are surviving in Italy. I think it was like 900 cases. But they only talk about the deaths. You know? Everyone always talks about the negative, but they don’t talk about the positive ever. You know? It’s the news, the media you know?

Ryan Glover: The media definitely has a slant on things at times? What are your plans and stuff for the future?

Eva Notty: Actually, I’m trying to figure that out. Like, you know. I had like all these ideas and everything like that. I stopped shooting last year because I tried having a baby and I just don’t know if its gonna happen.

Ryan Glover: Are you still trying to have a baby?

Eva Notty: I’m going to go to a fertility doctor and find out if I have any eggs. I think that fostering or adoption is probably something thats more me. I wanted a piece of my dad to live on because my dad was amazing. You know? I wanted a little boy.

Ryan Glover: That’s awesome. Well, my sperm is strong. I’ve got three kids and I went to Harvard.

Eva Notty: You’re funny!!

Ryan Glover: I’m serious though.

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