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Who Wants to Be Quarantined with Kamille Amora?


I caught up with the busty (36JJJ) adult actress Kamille Amora and we talked about her hard knock of life upbringing in Seattle. Amora has been staying at home except for leaving for essentials such as groceries like many responsible Americans because of the porn industry being shut down over COVID-19 fears. The stereotypical Aries (March 31st) talked with me about her hard knock upbringing and how she always viewed herself as a bit of tomboy that would fight over the silliest things growing up. When asked about what age she lost her virginity, it was an uneasy topic for her. A consistent argument of  anti-porn activists who claim the “overwhelming majority of adult stars have been victimized as children”.

Whether that allegation is true or not, Amora has found success in the adult film industry after stints as a stripper and web cam girl. The sexy adult actress discusses future scenes she hopes to shoot and proper etiquette for approaching her in public. Check out the full interview:

Ryan Glover: So I am here with Kamille Amora (adult actress), how are you doing today.


Kamille Amora: I’m good, how are you.


Ryan Glover: Thank you so much for taking the time.


Kamille Amora: Thank you for having me.


Ryan Glover: Where did you grow up.


Kamille Amora: West Seattle. I’m actually out here quarantined.


Ryan Glover: Okay. What was it like in Seattle? What was your childhood like?


Kamille Amora: Umm, pretty rough to be honest. I was a tomboy so I was always getting into fights and stuff.


Ryan Glover: So you would get into fights with boys or girls?


Kamille Amora: Both.


Ryan Glover: About what?


Kamille Amora: Just dumb stuff.


Ryan Glover: Okay.


Kamille Amora: You know what’s crazy though? I was never that female to get into a fight over a guy. It’s always just dumb stuff.


Ryan Glover: That’s hilarious and stuff and everything. So when did you lose your viriginity.


Kamille Amora: Am I allowed to talk about that it was underage. (uncomfortable laugh)


Ryan Glover: Okay. How underage, is it too young?


Kamille Amora: It’s kind of a sensitive subject.


Ryan Glover: Okay. So you have these huge natural breasts. Can you see the steps when you walk up the stairs?


Kamille Amora: (laughs) No I can’t. I really can’t. It’s a little hard to see them while I’m walking down.


Ryan Glover: I bet. What is the size of your breast?


Kamille Amora: I am a 36JJJ.


Ryan Glover: Wow. That’s amazing. So, how did you get your start in the adult industry?


Kamille Amora: Umm, to be honest I was doing webcam and stripping. I was eighteen when I started stripping, I was like 21 when I started doing webcam. So I had already been in front of the whole audience for awhile. I guess some people would say you get stage fright or whatever, but I was pretty open to it. I got found by a company called Score in Doral, Florida (close to Miami). Then they moved me to their sister company XL Girls.


Ryan Glover: What was your first impression of doing scenes? You seem pretty enthusiastic looking at your work.


Kamille Amora: I was but I’m not going to lie, the first time I didn’t know I was doing a full porn scene. Not til I got there, I didn’t understand. I was so excited to do it but didn’t want to seem dumb asking too many questions. I didn’t know I was supposed to be doing a blow job scene, it was different.


Ryan Glover: So it was kind of surprising?


Kamille Amora: Yeah. In a way it was cool because it kind of opened me up, because I was kind of vanilla before. So it kind of opened the door to my adventurous side.


Ryan Glover: How adventurous are you would you say?


Kamille Amora: I’m pretty adventurous. Pretty not vanilla anymore.


Ryan Glover: You’ve never done any double penetration scenes?


Kamille Amora: No I haven’t. Not yet.


Ryan Glover: Was that something you would be open to doing in the future?


Kamille Aurora: Umm, yeah. Probably in the future. I don’t think I have enough films under my belt. I haven’t even done a gangbang scene yet.


Ryan Glover: Is that something you would be open to in the future?


Kamille Aurora: Yeah, definitely.


Ryan Glover: Okay, wow. I saw a video I think with you and Kimberly Chi, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing her name correctly.


Kamille Aurora: My baby-mama.


Ryan Glover: It’s a watersport video. I see her in the video tasting urine and I was just wondering if that is something that you would be into.


Kamille Amora: I’m starting to get into that. I haven’t yet, I’ve done it with her. We were shooting with Scotty P at the time so that was actually my first puke scene also. We randomly did content after an AVN mixer.


Ryan Glover: I saw you were here in Chicago for All-Star weekend.


Kamille Amora: I was. I featured.


Ryan Glover: How was that? What was the experience like?


Kamille Amora: It was fun. There was a couple things at the end I didn’t really agree with. For the most part I made good money. I was the only featured porn star, turned out to be good.I’ve danced in Chicago before. I’ve featured at Scores and I’ve danced at the Admiral Theatre. It’s really weird.


Ryan Glover: Why do you think it’s weird?


Kamille Amora: Just because I’ve never seen a strip club like a theatre set up. I was there around Halloween, so it was even more weird cause people were onstage dancing in costumes.



Ryan Glover: That was actually the first strip club I went to.


Kamille Amora: Really? Cause its eighteen and over?


Ryan Glover: Yep. I see you got stopped by TSA for your free cam sex toys.


Kamille Amora: (laughs) Yes. You know what I’ve been stopped by TSA for condoms, toys, my banner, all types of shit that just has to do with the industry. I’m like do you want to see what it is? I have no problem showing you. Wanna buy a DVD while you’re at it?

Ryan Glover: Do you ever get recognized out in public and what is that experience like?


Kamille Amora: At first I was like, oh wow, I got recognized. That’s cool people really know me. It started getting to the point where I was like, oh shit, I need to cover my face I might get noticed over here. Now it’s to the point we’re people don’t have enough respect when they see you with people. They don’t know if that’s your family, they don’t know if that’s like your significant other, or even just somebody that doesn’t know what you do. Not to say that I would ever be ashamed of what I do, everybody knows what I do. But I know that is the case with a lot of talent. Don’t just come up to me in public, if I’m with somebody. It’s different if I’m by myself but if I’m with someone, and I’ve had guys do that.


Ryan Glover: Yeah I imagine that has to be awkward. Especially if you are with your significant other. Have you had weird experiences beyond that where you felt this is kind of a odd thing that is going on right now with people recognizing you?


Kamille Amora: I would say probably on the plane. I think the plane was the oddest place I ever got recognized. I get recognized in the airport all the time, but the plane was probably the oddest. Cause it would have been different if I was going to a convention or something or coming from a convention then I would expect fans to be on the same plane as me. But it was just a random ass trip. I think I was leaving Nebraska going to Vegas.


Ryan Glover: Do they just be coming up trying to get pictures?


Kamille Amora: No, they first try and ask me is this you? What was your first clue? (lifts her breast) It’s hard for me to just tuck them away because even if I have on a jacket there just out there still. That is one reason I dyed my hair a little bit more burgundy because the bright ass red was standing out and everybody noticed me.


Ryan Glover: What’s your favorite sex position?


Kamille Amora: Upside down.


Ryan Glover: The adult industry is shut down til at least [Tuesday], March 31st.


Kamille Amora: My birthday.


Ryan Glover: Happy Birthday. Happy G day. That’s what you have on your Twitter. What are your thoughts on the coronavirus?


Kamille Amora: I think its very real. People need to listen and stay the fuck inside the house unless you have to be out. Me, I guess I didn’t set a good example today on my live because people were telling me “Oh you’re not inside”, I’m going to the store to get groceries. That’s essential. I would just say stack up on [hand sanitizer], soap, and water. Keep it in your pocket and use it all the time, because that shit really works wonders. Keep your mask and gloves on you when you go anywhere.


Ryan Glover: Yeah. Thank you so much for taking the time. I really appreciate you that we could finally get this knocked out.


Kamille Amora: I’m sorry about the delay.


Ryan Glover: It’s all good. What are you going to do for your birthday?


Kamille Amora: Actually so, my girlfriend Misty Stone she’s actually having a virtual birthday party tonight. It’s my birthday twin, it’s actually on Zoom to. So she’s going to show me how to do it so I can do that for my birthday. They are going to do it on Tuesday for my birthday but I might just do it Saturday.


Ryan Glover: That’s so awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time. I really appreciate you.


Kamille Amora: I appreciate you.

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