Internet Influencers Clout Chase By Creating Sensationalist Kobe Bryant Stories



Kobe Throwing Up the Roc Sign.

Kobe Bryant is also allegedly involved in the occult based on pictures of him throwing up the Roc Sign. People profiting off Kobe’s death is the true crime, and even the morally bankrupt Nike corporation realized that was wrong. However, videos have been made suggesting that Kobe refused to give a living sacrifice to the devil, the numerology and even the fact that this happened during Grammy Weekend right after the Winter Solstice are all claims that theorists [will] push in past, present, and future youtube videos. Even people who I thought credible such as Dr. Umar Johnson put out videos on the events of his death with very little research where Dr. Umar doesn’t even realize that the crash video he saw wasn’t a real video because one doesn’t exist. Is it too much to ask for people to be more responsible with their platforms?

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