Ward Connerly Discusses Not Being Confined Into a Strait-Jacket of How He Should Think!!


I caught up with the founder of the American Civil Rights Institute, Ward Connerly, who took a moment with me discussing growing up in segregated pre-war Louisiana. He talked about growing up with a loving extended family that pushed him to be successful even with the unfortunate events of his father abandoning the household when he was two and his mother dying by that time he was four. When asked about how cognizant of race he was during that time he tells me “I wasn’t. Again [4-year old kid] all I was cognizant of was making sure that I got my collard greens and sweet potatoes and my meals and played with people that were in my house. But race was not a reality in my household”.

Ward eventually went to college in Sacramento before coming to work at the University of California Regent where he forced the nation’s largest public university to become color blind in its admissions policies, leading a national campaign to end race preference being criticized by black liberals such as California State Senator (and current congresswoman) Diane Watson who made personal attacks on Connerly because of his interracial marriage. Check out Connerly’s thoughts on that attack and more in the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel:


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