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My Thoughts On Sugar Baby Relationships

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So I was scrolling the internet as usual and I came across a post on Twitter from Pardes Seleh who is a student and blogger based out of Washington D.C. In the post she basically recounts a story that happened to her in the U.K. about seeing her friend being approached by a Sugar Daddy while sitting in the hostel cafe. Her friend that she refers to as Chanel as Seleh states she “doesn’t care about love and is looking for someone who will provide her with a house and a car”. Pardes also points out how Chanel puts down a potential suitor for being a teacher (even though Chanel herself is a teacher). As a person who has never been money motivated in this capitalistic society that we live in I find it disgusting how these “whores” like Chanel are becoming more prevalent. Some would say that calling Chanel a whore is harsh but I think Seleh’s friend Chanel is a whore and I know whores when I hear about them because I spend more time than I like interviewing adult film stars. Any woman that doesn’t want to spend time with you based on the value of you as a person and who you are opposed to the financial value you offer is a “whore”. However, I don’t think this phenomenon is completely Chanel’s fault. I blame this on society valuing monetary possessions over character traits such as integrity and honesty, qualities I definitely see in Seleh!! However, it makes sense for people who are unattractive such as the man described in the video to trade his possessions or money for sex with women. Check out Seleh’s video and let me know in the comments if you think Chanel as described in the video is a whore?


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