Is it Possible For Andrew Yang To Win the Democratic Nomination?


Of all the Democratic candidates Andrew Yang is the most likable. The self-described “Asian who is good at math” and proud of it is impressive. In a field of candidates such as Joe Biden who offers nothing of value for any American citizen, or Elizabeth Warren who comes off as the most draconian candidate since Hillary Clinton, and even standing amongst respected public servants such as Bernie Sanders. Andrew Yang is the only Democratic candidate that stands out at this point of any promise.  His plan of UBI has some flaws, but overall it is a theoretically a good idea. While many such as Tulsi Gabbard have suggested that the Democratic Primary is rigged, my assessment is that Andrew Yang offers the best possible choice for Democrats to beat Trump and elect a President that truly cares for humanity. Check out this video of him in New Hampshire earlier this year speaking about Amazon killing retail jobs:

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