Juice Wrld and His Connections With the Occult

Before we go through the charade of feeling sorry about the rapper Juice Wrld. Let’s not forget that he sold his soul for money and fame. His music and merchandise had Satanic imagery and is a reminder of the consequences of artist’s playing games or actually being involved with the occult. If Juice Wrld was a satanist as he tried to portray through his music he got what he deserved. If he wasn’t maybe he shouldn’t have been playing around with occult imagery.

Juice WRLD’s merchandise was “999” which flipped around is “666” and a number of his songs made mention of the devil such as “Devil Horns”. The bizarre way he died makes you wonder if Satan had finally decided it was time to come for his soul. Perhaps, his death should serve as a warning for artists who have made Satanic oaths that they should go the Kanye West route and clean up their lives.71+D-ecl2mL._SL1500_.jpg













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  1. Fuvk y’all for being judgemental like you’re ass is clean

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