Lil B Called Pedophile For Lusting After Billie Eillish


It has never been a question how weird that Lil B was. Things got weirder today on Twitter when the BasedGod lusted after seventeen year old Billie Ellish. Lil B has faced accusations of being a pedophile previously for requesting sexually suggestive photos of underage fans and their body parts such as feet pics with “I love Lil B” written on them.


While this could be a clever attempt at marketing that Lil B has been displaying over the years. Or is it a more sinister approach. While he has made a career out of saying shocking statements online and in interviews in the past. The rumor that he is a pedophile has been floating around for some time. Do you think Lil B is a pedophile for asking for the photos from underage women and the remarks about Billie Eillsh?

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