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Nigerian Auto Designer Jerry Mallo Wanted to Improve the Safety of Drivers


Jerry Mallo is the CEO of Bennie Technologies. A company located in Jos, Nigeria which is a region that is filled with ethnic crises when asked about it he calmly replies he has “no fears at all”. Along with being undeterred by the reality of his environment, the 25-year old didn’t always have access to the most resources but always made the most of what he had. His vision for making a vehicle that would improve the safety of drivers gave him the idea of making the Bennie Purie out of fibre materials similar to those in aluminum. This is just one of the many products that Mallo will be putting out. When asked who is his inspiration Mallo replies Elon Musk.. I think him.. I dream him.. I read [about] him.. I watch him.. I hear him” and he also told me he has learned a lot from entrepreneur Dan Lok. Check out this interview how Jerry Mallo overcame a lack of resources and support:



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