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Jay-Z Labeled DeHaven a Snitch but Partnered With a DEA Informant


Last week on DJ Vlad, DeHaven discussed being labeled a snitch on “No Hook” when Jay-Z raps “Fuck DeHaven for caving”. While DeHaven acknowledges that the song could have been in reference to a youtube video DeHaven made where he lashed out at Jay-Z many in the hip-hop community inferred that it was suggesting that Jay-Z was labeling DeHaven a snitch. 

Interesting, considering that Jay-Z has a history of working with snitches, as his right hand woman and COO at Roc Nation Desiree Perez is a former DEA informant. Back in 1994, Perez was a 26-year-old mother of children and was arrested in New York for possession with intent to distribute 35 kilograms of cocaine.

Her attorney kept her out of jail, U.S. Attorney Laurence Bardfeld told a judge that Perez has really worked closely with federal agents. Defense Attorney Alan Ross told the judge that his client wore a wire on several occasions in Puerto Rico.

The fact that Jay-Z has a problem with DeHaven making youtube videos but not snitches boggles the mind. Or did Jay-Z try and ruin DeHaven’s reputation by implying he was a snitch because what’s the old saying, “birds of a feather, flock together”.

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