Pocahontas Is Washington Corruption


Elizabeth Warren alleges that she is going after the corruption in Washington saying on her website “Washington works great for the wealthy and the well-connected”, she would know. Consider Warren and her Democratic opponents have given a number of speeches about targeting the rich. Interesting, her children would be vulnerable under the Bernie Sanders estate tax plan, which calls for a 50% tax on estates worth between $10 million and $50 million. However, she would not owe anything extra under her own annual “ultra-millionaire” tax, which applies just to people with fortunes of over $50 million, how convenient that her policy insulates her own $12 million fortune.

Warren has a history of telling tall tales whether it is about her Native American heritage  that she used to steal a job at Harvard from actual minorities or sending her children to public schools. Warren has suggested eliminating private and charter schools and giving their funding to public schools. Yet, she sent her son to $11,000 a year private school and was a strong supporter of school-choice when she authored the book “The Two-Income Trap.” Warren was caught trying to pander to public school activists. Do we need another leader telling us how public schools should be run that hasn’t sent their own children to public schools?

No one else thinks it is odd that Elizabeth Warren is running on a platform of eliminating student loan debt and berating the college system. However, Elizabeth Warren has made a career out of being part of the problem: She made over $429,981 in one year at Harvard. If Warren really believed in socialism, why wouldn’t she teach for free? She says it’s “obscene” to profit off students but has written textbooks that cost students over $250. It isn’t anything wrong with her profiting off her hard work but her own career choices indicated that profiting off students was okay when she was doing it.

Her communistic idea for Medicare For All would cost $3.3 to $15.4 trillion. It could end up being bad for the health care industry and create catastrophic consequences for this country that haven’t been talked about nearly enough. The Warren health plan, and I call it a plan very loosely because it would increase the amount of waste, fraud and abuse in the American health economy by $6.1 trillion in its first 10 years (10.9% of the plan’s total cost). This is in addition to the roughly $1 trillion annually already lost to waste in the U.S. health system.


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