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The War on Thanksgiving and the Liberals Who Hate It

During a rally in Sunrise, Florida on Tuesday, Donald Trump spoke about a war that is being waged by liberals on Thanksgiving. It has become a more commonplace unAmerican activity to disrespect this amazing holiday which many mainstream celebrities have over the years such as Nas on the 2001 song “What Goes Around”. Nas wrote a letter earlier to Mass Appeal magazine in 2017 labeling President Trump a racist but keep in mind this is an artist that has made a $60 million net worth rapping about how unfair this country is.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 9.25.43 AM

Angelina Jolie has discussed not being a fan of Thanksgiving because she is “grossed out” by the holiday. She is instilling her lack of patriotism in her children.

Jolie hates Thanksgiving and believes that it is a story of murder and goes as far as taking her children out of the country so they aren’t exposed to the holiday. She has written an op-ed criticizing Trump’s refugee ban which she has the audacity to call un- American.


These are just two of the high profile celebrities who are anti-Thanksgiving but it is thousands more who are part of the Liberal elite who are just as unpatriotic and want to rip away the traditions of this country which values have helped them achieve great success.





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