Thanksgiving Horror

It’s that magical time of year in the U.S. where millions pause their premature Christmas celebrations to squeeze in some time on the last Thursday of November to celebrate American Thanksgiving. Canadians already got after it over a month ago, but they have weed for sale nationwide and leave their doors unlocked so our neighbors to the north live it up a little differently. Nevertheless, it is Thanksgiving from Alaska to Florida, from Maine to Hawaii, from El Paso to Fargo.

As eager as American culture is to start celebrating Christmas well before Thanksgiving, there are many that covet Halloween just as much. I know I’ve seen cobwebs, ghosts & jack-o-lanterns out before the autumnal equinox so peeps are getting after it early & often for Halloween as well. People love the gore, the spookiness, the darkness, the scary movies of Halloween. So what’s a Halloween lover to do at Thanksgiving time?

Watch this…


Hulu has a series Into The Dark, now in its second season, where each episode is feature-length focusing on a certain holiday. The season 2 Thanksgiving episode “Pilgrim” serves up all the fucked-up-ness a Halloween lover loves served on a silver platter (literally at one point) just in time for Thursday’s family holiday.

Here’s the gist of the plot. The mother of a well-to-do modern family seeks to recapture some of the essence of Thanksgiving for her family so she hires pilgrim re-enactors to come to their home to bring as much of the 1600’s to the holiday as possible. Not only do the pilgrims come but they stay at the family’s home and after the first pilgrim, played fantastically creepily by Peter Giles, they start multiplying like Mr. Me Seeks in a Rick and Morty episode. When the pilgrims start building colonial era structures out by the pool, including colonial stocks, things really start to go off the rails.


The fun doesn’t stop there. After making the house their home the pilgrims get medieval on the family. If you think dealing with your drunken relatives or being judged by your snooty ones on Thanksgiving is bad, you would gladly be critiqued on your weight, hair or lifestyle by Cousin Sandy before spending the holiday with these pilgrims.

When I first stumbled upon “Pilgrim” scrolling thru Hulu I thought it was going to be one of those cheap, poor production SyFy channel movies but it is far from it. The script and directing by Marcus Dunstan are top notch. It ranks right up there with the best of the crazy originals Netflix & Amazon pump out. Along with keeping you grateful for your own crazy family, “Pilgrim” will make you super hella glad its not 1620.

Happy Thanksgiving to thee!!!

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