Sahara Knite Advocates For Sex Workers in the UK


Sahara Knite talked about jumping into the adult film industry after working in the fashion industry. She also talked about the importance of her newly elected role in the UKAP (United Kingdom Adult Professionals) being important because of the social stigma of sex workers who often can lose their relationships with their families, when in reality these women are just using what they have been given.

Knite has definitely been making the most of what God has gifted her, having landed a guest star role on “Game of Thrones”, hilariously she never watched the show. She did receive some extra attention when she was the subject of a newspaper article where she resided during the show for providing extra services with her massages. Her only qualm with the article was the journalist lowballing her rates!!

Super fun interview and Sahara should definitely be applauded for her activism. She makes a strong point of the need for sex workers to be respected because trying to make the most out of life with what you’ve been given doesn’t make you less worthy of respect.


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