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How a Free Concert got me into the music of Alessia Cara.

Alessia Cara was up on cloud nine as she closed out the The Pains of Growing Up tour for the almost 3,000 people who had showed up, including myself. I had never been to any other concert besides three bands, and Cara wasn’t one of them. Two out of the three I had gotten my best friend into, so I thought it was only fair that I gave her music a shot.

And I’m very glad I took that shot.

It can be hard to get into new music, especially after being stuck on one artist for months on end, maybe even years. I’m very picky when it comes to music so someone shoving a new artist’s music in my face is probably not the best idea. Also, apologies in advanced to anyone that does that, and I show no emotion. Although it’s not a bad thing for me to not immediately bop to a song. There’s a strong chance I’m going to go on YouTube or Spotify or any other streaming site to play that one specific song.

So what song was the turning point on the Alessia Cara fandom? I know it’s stereotypical to say a single off of an album but Growing Pains had to be the song that got me into Cara’s style of music. The studio albums are amazing none the less, but if I had a choice, I would tell everyone to go to one of her concerts.

Interaction with fans is crucial in my opinion and Cara did an amazing job with said interaction all night, even going as far to pull one fan up on stage with her to conduct the entire crowd during How Far I’ll Go, the single from the Disney Film Moana. Cara also talked about the reason behind some of the songs written that she had performed. Songs written about Love, about heartbreak, and many more emotions.

All of her songs had my best friend Brooke and I expressing interest in her emotions. We laughed, we got emotional, we danced like there was no tomorrow. So did everyone, of course. Cara has expressed a musical style for every emotion there is to show. I believe that there are emotions to every song, and that every emotion has meaning, just like every song has a meaning.

But the one thing that completed the concert, was the music. More importantly, the meaning of the music and how songs written about love teach us not only to love ourselves, but to love others, and how songs about strength taught us to be strong for what us and others believe in.

Throughout the night, Cara couldn’t thank her fans enough. For singing the songs, for sharing the same emotions, and for just being there to watch her perform. She had thrown multiple guitar picks, joking about her aim of throwing them, as well as T shirts so the fans closer to the back had a shot of taking home a free souvenir.

Alessia Cara is more than a singer. She’s an artist. She’s an artist with relatable songs, but the most important aspect of all, Cara is, and continues to be an artist with a relatable story.

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