Experiences With Abstaining From the Internet (and Especially Youtube). Part 2.2: Improvements– Increased Ardor for Music

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, I recommend you check it out:


I must also explain here that this subject is one that is best appreciated on an individual-to-individual basis. In other words, it is important to continually think critically about the ideas and anecdotes that I present here. At the end of the day, these are just observations that I have made, and you should take your own experiences, circumstances, and needs into account when considering them and when attempting to replicate them.

Now then, what does music have to do with staying off of the internet?

Increased Ardor for Music  

This is something that I notice occur frequently when I take some time off of the internet. A song will suddenly begin to play in my head, and it will fill me with more joy and wonder than it ever had prior to the non-usage streak’s commencing. This effect usually occurs early in the non-usage streak, within the first day to two or three days of its commencement. It also seems to largely have been a morning phenomenon, something that occurs upon waking or, at least, before I get out of bed, so it is a companion of earliness or beginning on two accounts. It may be a result of getting a fresh start, or of resetting the mind. It isn’t rare for me to find songs playing in my head that match my intent or sentiment at the moment, streak or not, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular effect was just another example of that. However, I’m not sure that the variety of this non-usage streak music ends at that category of songs which reflect the feeling of having a fresh start. The songs have mostly, perhaps even exclusively, been those which I already love, just having a richer and more vibrant quality to them.

I personally suspect a tight affiliation between this effect and freedom from the artificial, pre-constructed world of the internet. Think about it. Suddenly, the being that you are has dislodged itself from that controlled and often vacuous space, and has returned to a realm which is far more replete with possibility as it pertains to how a day might be spent, as well to how one might improve one’s lot in life. Maybe the dramatic surge of musical sound in one’s mind is a celebratory response to that suddenly enhanced range of possibility. It may be a celebratory response to the initiation of such a great experiment in living, to the embarking upon an attempt at a lifestyle which gleams with promise and worthy challenge.


By Sha’Kim Bush

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