Kathy Zhu Discusses Being a Well Rounded Individual Via Skype


The University of Michigan student Kathy Zhu is not only intelligent but talented as well. A violinist in her schools symphony orchestra, the stripped beauty Queen has been criticized by the left and the right for “not fitting in a 100% mold of liberal or conservative” she says. One would be hard pressed to find someone who is as patriotic as Kathy, a serial volunteer for Republican campaigns who has actually written a letter to the GOP headquarters in an effort to help improve the marketing of Republican candidates, she still hasn’t received a response, which is a loss for the GOP if the House losses in Kentucky and Virginia are any indication. She talked about the criticism from Candace Owens and recently speaking at an event with her three weeks ago and equally criticizing both Conservatives and Liberals.  Even if you don’t like her viewpoints she is admirable for being one of the most well-rounded conservatives as she notes “I don’t revolve my whole life around politics” she tells me.




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