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Cleveland Player Hits Steelers QB In The Head With A Helmet!

Brown’s player pulls off Steelers QBs helmet and hits him in the head with it.

Fight erupts on the field during the Steelers versus Browns game when a Brown’defensive player struck the Steeler’s quarterback Rudolph in the head with a helmet.

By Shannon MacDevine

The Cleveland Browns had a great game Thursday night with four interceptions and a 21 to 7 lead at the end of the fourth quarter. What should have been an amazing win for the Browns went sour during the last 10 seconds of the game, however.

During one of the last plays, Steelers QB Rudolph was taken down by Brown’s defensive end Myles Garrett. Whether words were exchanged while they were on the ground or not, Rudolph hung onto Myles helmet while they struggled to their feet.

In what looked like payback, Garrett pulled Rudolph’s helmet off, and when Rudolph moved to get it back, Garrett swung the helmet purposely hitting Rudolph in the head.

Though the Steelers QB tried to walk away, mayhem ensued from there. Two Steelers started punching and kicking Garrett while Rudolph got pushed down by another Brown’s player.

Within seconds, both teams were on the field with lots of shoving and pushing. It took the combined efforts of all the refs, team members, and coaches to separate the main combatants.

Garrett and another player were ejected from the game. Both are facing definite suspension; especially Garrett.

Even though there was 10 seconds left in the clock, the Steelers offense left the field immediately. Eventually, the refers cleared everyone off the field so the two teams could kneel the game out.

The Brown’s victory has a sour taste after the disgraceful conduct of Garrett and some other players. The disturbing images will be the talk versus their otherwise great win.

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