Heating Bill v. Freezing

It is November. Though technically still the Fall we are entering the holiday season. I can not help to think of snow and the cold on its way. Recently I have had the realization that I have been living in ignorant bliss.

I moved into my garden level apartment (that means basement for those who make enough money to never need to experience it) in May. I did not have air conditioning and so I suffered through the heat. It may have been difficult, but I persevered. I’m not asking you to call me a hero (I can do that myself). I chose to go through this suffering, not because I did not have an air conditioner, no I suffered because I was terrified of turning it on. I live on a very fixed budget and I could not take the spike on an electric bill just to provide myself comfort.

However to quote the former patriarch of House Stark and all of his children, “Winter is coming”. This is inevitable. In the summers you can suffer though the heat, but in the winter, in a basement level apartment, you can not survive the cold. Air conditioning is a luxury, but heat, heat is a basic need in New England. I have very rarely been jealous of the lives of people in Florida. To be honest I do not think, until today, I ever have been. But, those fuckers in Florida never need to put there heat on. And all that money they save they can then spend on the things that are important to them. The Florida necessities like fireworks or rascals. I’m up here trying to make the difficult choices like heat or continue my excessive drinking every weekend.

So I need to seriously consider how long I can last before turning my electric (wish it was gas or propane) heat on. Can I make it to December? Christmas? Will I die in an attempt to save a few hundred dollar? Maybe, but’s that’s how I want to go.

Also, this is my first post since March because life got in the way and I forgot. So please, welcome me back with open arms (or targeted hate).

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