If Pimp C Was Alive He Would Be A Republican


Pimp C is one of the most credible rappers in hip-hop history. His story of self-reliance which started as a producer “pulling himself up by the bootstraps” and making demos in 1986 in Port Arthur, Texas led him to becoming a member of the most dynamic rap duo in hip-hop history (UGK). The famed rapper had an aversion to the fakeness in the music industry often speaking on it candidly in interviews. Pimp C would be ashamed of some of the peers he collaborated with, supporting politicians who believe in more than two genders and want drag queens reading to your children in the classroom. As a former criminal offender himself, I’m confident he would be for President Trump’s criminal justice reform efforts. Pimp C emphasized the importance of family and as an avid reader he would be appalled at some of the former rappers he collaborated with supporting Democratic candidates, so when you see rappers cappin for the Democratic Party, in the immortal words of Pimp C tell them “stop being a dick in a bootyhoole ass nigga”.

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