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The Intolerance of Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli has some of the most racist and hateful fans in all of hip-hop. The rapper deploys them to make the most mean spirited of comments when someone disagrees with the rapper ideologically. Discussing the effects of immigration on the urban community led to one of his loyal followers claiming that horror actor Cynthia Garris was my spouse to shame me for being in an interracial marriage, which I am not nor is it anything wrong with it. His followers don’t share the same consensus and tried to shame me for being married to a white woman by taking a screenshot of a woman I’m pictured with unbeknownst to his fan of horror actress Cynthia Garris.


Me and Cynthia Garris in a photo one of Talib Kweli’s fans tweeted suggesting my wife was the horror actress to shame me for interracial dating.

Or even the attempts to defend myself led to his white followers calling me a white supremacist for supporting the President.  As a Veteran of the US Coast Guard I refuse to believe that Donald Trump is a white supremacist because of his commitment to criminal justice reform. Talib Kweli is more in line with white supremacy as he goes on negative platforms such as DJ Vlad which regularly feature segments about the most negative aspects of the black community such as illegal drug activity and stories of violence.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 1.05.55 PM

Photo of a white woman calling me a white supremacist because I support the President

Attempts to defend myself led to the 44 year old rapper bragging about his 4 million dollar net worth. He also retweeted photos of my spouse and encouraged his followers to make rude remarks about the color of my children’s skin all because I support the President of the United States.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 3.02.10 PM

His followers making rude remarks about my children.

Mocking me for my past jobs in the entertainment industry and even past photos I’ve taken with other public figures. Even without engaging them, his followers continue to make rude remarks about my education, my spouse, and question my military service. Furthermore, they have found audition videos and portrayed me as a domestic violence abuser and created fake profiles posting false and damaging lies about my reputation.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 12.05.17 PM

He calls me a white supremacist for supporting Donald Trump, but I’m black.

He also mocked my religious beliefs and called me a fake Christian for his judgmental views. I believe that we all make mistakes but Talib Kweli judged me without having met me and sent this message to his 1.1 million followers. Labeling me a fake Christian which couldn’t be further from the truth. Considering he has his own skeletons in the closet which include past allegations of sexual harassment.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 9.11.30 AM

Talib Kweli mocking my religious views.

He also had his followers research the internet looking for the most embarrassing photos and anything that would disparage me and portray me in a negative light. When he found a costume of me dressed as a white penis, he posted that to his large number of followers even though it’s just a costume for promotion of a play he made it a race issue. If you believe Talib Kweli’s intolerance shouldn’t be tolerated #boycottTalibKweli

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.37.24 PM

Talib Kweli had his followers search the Internet for the most embarrassing photos because I support President Donald Trump


7 Comments on The Intolerance of Talib Kweli

  1. Shut your stupid, butt-hurt, ass up white supremacist. If you didn’t want all that attention, you shouldn’t have came on TK’s TL with that trolling Maga shit. If you know Black activist, then for sure they don’t tolerate racist bullshit or value the ideologies of conservatism. Go don on your white penis suit since you want attention so much. We don’t value the opinion of self-hating negroes that go so far as to relinquish their blackness in order to be “recognized” and “loved” as one of the “good ones” by racist white people. Kick rocks, you ashy, white supremacist. I hope your children are far from you as possible.

    • You and his followers are uneducated and have to make fabrications because you don’t have any facts behind what you say. I’m taking my kids to school as we speak because I’m a dedicated father. A real black man who served his country, has a history of community service, and if he keeps it up will destroy him with bars!! I also support Donald Trump because he is the best candidate for the black community.

  2. You cheated on your wife with paid escorts and admitted to beating on her. STFU.

    • You and his fans have created a smear campaign against me but overlook his own allegations of sexual harassment. You have no evidence of anything you’ve posted about me and the article only serves to prove how hateful and miserable you are!!

      • Oh yes we do. Screenshots and your video. Don’t play us. I will make it my goal to expose you to anyone and everyone. That video will be sent to all you are associated with.

  3. Nothing you’ve said is true. You post a pic saying they’re saying nasty things about your kid but they didn’t, one pointed out that you brought your child into it and the other posted a quote about how shitty parents produce shitty children, you’re only gonna find that insulting if there’s any truth to it. Also Donald Trump is a racist, I’m not sure how much more he could do to convince white people he is, let alone you! How can you support someone with so much blatant hatred for minorities? Oh and the embarrassing photos are no ones fault but your own, if they’re embarrassing, why the fuck have YOU put them up on the Internet where almost every person on the planet can see?

    • Actually everything in the article is true. He did post pictures of my wife and retweeted videos and photos of my children to mock me. I didn’t come on his page and disrespect him I asked him why he was telling lies in his interview with DJ Vlad, specifically that illegal immigration is bad to the black community. Donald Trump is not a racist as I’ve stated before historically low unemployment, historically low poverty rates, criminal justice reform that largely benefited African-American men, and opportunity zones. The pictures weren’t embarrassing it was him trying to disrespect me with his commentary. He is a bitch and so are his fans!!

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