Patriots Beat Cleveland 27 to 13: Brady Catches Sour Looks From Mayfield

Patriots QB Tom Brady gets a sour look from Browns’ QB after Odell Beckham’s show of admiration. Game Recap.

Written By Shannon MacDevine

The Patriots beat the Cleveland Browns in Foxborough Sunday evening 27 to 13. Moving to 8-0, the Patriots dominated in the torrential downpour and wind. Cleveland’s wide receiver Odell Beckham showed his admiration for Brady with some GOAT kicks to the annoyance of Brown’s QB Mayfield.

After another win, Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady was gifted with a pair of goat hair cleats at the end of the game by the Brown’s powerhouse wide receiver Odell Beckham. Beckham, who has made no secret that he has always wanted to play with Brady, handed the GOAT a pair of custom made goat hair cleats while Brown’s quarterback Baker Mayfield looked on with a sour puss.

Pat’s nation was amused as the pictures of Mayfield circulated through social media. It’s a shame, though. What was a sincere show of good sportsman-like behavior was overshadowed by Mayfield’s inability to control his facial expressions. Whether Mayfield is jealous of the GOAT or not…the puss speaks for itself.

Patriots Vs Clevland Game Recap

The Patriots offense was on their game again on Sunday with two passing touchdowns. They also played it a little fast and loose with 4th downs, in the first and second quarters. Wide receiver Julian Edelman caught a shotgun 10-yard pass on 4th and 7 in the first quarter, while wide receiver Mohamed Sanu caught a 4-yard pass on 4th and 4 in the second.

With all the rain, the running game was expected to be at the forefront of the Pat’s offensive game plan. Sony Michel had a good day with 74-yards rushing and a nice 16-yard rush in the first quarter. Interestingly enough, Brady’s passing game was on fire.

During the pre-game show, it was rumored that Brady was throwing perfect passes during practice despite the heavy rain. Though the QB may not have been perfect, he certainly lived up to his name as the GOAT.

Brady threw 36 passes for 20 completions and 259-yards. He threw at 59-yard shotgun pass to running back James White in the third, and a 33-yard pass to Phillip Dorsett in the first quarter. Though he was sacked 3 times for a loss of 20-yards, the Pat’s QB was on his game.

On the other hand, Brady would not be the GOAT without his receivers ready and able to make the catches. Wide receiver Julian Edelman caught 8 out of 11 passes for 78 yards and two touchdowns. RB James White came in second with 4 out of 5 receptions, 75-yards and the longest pass reception of the game.

Wide receivers Phillip Dorsett, Mohamed Sanu and tight end BJ Watson all caught shotgun passes from Brady for a combined total of 92-yards. All in all, the Patriots offense racked up 20 receptions for 259-yards and 32 minutes and 15 seconds of ball possession.

The Pat’s Defense

The Pat’s defense once again proved their status as the number one defense in the NFL. Case in point, the Browns made three consecutive turnovers at the end of the first quarter. The first fumble was picked up by linebacker Dont’a Hightower who ran it back 26-yards for a touchdown.

The second fumble was a close call when Brown’s running back Nick Chubb ran all the way to the New England 14 yard line. Luckily, defensive back Jonathan Jones got the tackle that forced the fumble, and Devon McCourty recovered.

Again, on the Browns’ very next drive, defensive end Lawrence Guy intercepted a shovel pass from Browns’ QB Mayfield making that the third consecutive turnover.

Not stopping at interceptions and fumble recoveries, the Pat’s D also had four sacks for the day. Linebacker Jamie Collins had one sack and assisted in another with defensive end Chase Winovich. Defensive tackle Adam Butler made two sacks and linebacker Kyle Van Noy made the fourth.

To give the devil his due, however, Browns’ running back Nick Chubb rushed for 131-yards with a 44-yard rush almost making it to the end zone…before he fumbled the ball. He was also behind the first fumble, as well. All in all, the Browns are the 3rd team this season to score more than 10 points against our defense.

Final Thoughts

So far, the Patriots are looking good going into week 9 against the Baltimore Ravens despite the injuries. As of week 8, wide receiver Josh Gordon was placed on injured reserve, and tight ends Ryan Izzo and Matt Lacosse were not active.

Rex Burkhead, Patrick Chung, Shaq Mason, and Gunner Olszewski were all questionable for Sunday’s game, and none of them spent much time on the field; if at all.

Julian Edelman was also questionable for Sunday’s game and was on limited participation during last week’s practice. Thankfully, he seemed to be back to his agile self, though.

Besides several injuries to key players, one concern that has plagued the Pat’s all season is the performance of their kicker. Mike Nugent, who took over for Stephen Gostkowski after a season-ending hip injury, missed two kick attempts in Sunday’s game.

In the second quarter, Nugent’s extra point was blocked. He then missed a 34-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. While those few extra points have not made a difference yet, when push comes to shove an extra point can be the difference between a victory or defeat. It will be interesting to see how the kicking game plays out for the rest of the season.

After next week’s game in Baltimore, the Patriots will be on their bi for week 10. With any luck, everyone will return healthy for the Pat’s face off against the Eagles in Philly.

Dare we say, it looks like the Pat’s may be on the road to their fourth consecutive Superbowl appearance?

Stay tuned for next week!





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