Talib Kweli Shills For Democratic Party


Rapper who became a shill for the Democratic Party.

Rapper Talib Kweli Greene recently did an interview with DJ Vlad and had some critical comments for President Trump at the (15:34) mark Talib Kweli says “Trump is a fascist, he’s not just a racist, he’s a violent racist, he’s a xenophobe, he’s a homophobe, he hates women and he’s a racist. We’ve seen what fascism does to the world.” All outright lies.


Trump at a rally.

Labeling Trump a fascist is the trend of liberal news writers since his election but that claim is patently false as fascists regimes are marked by war and clearly Trump has shown himself in his time in the White House to be an isolationist. Furthermore, Trump isn’t fascist because his policies such as curbing illegal immigration actually help the black community the most.


Trump delivers remarks during the summit in the East Room. Photograph: Shawn Thew/EPA

We have heard that Trump is racist but didn’t he give more money than Obama to HBCU’s? If he doesn’t care about black people why go through the charade of having events at the White House such as the Black Leadership Summit?

Trump has made some xenophobic remarks but he is also constantly attacked by the media and has made some comments that suggest very much that he isn’t at all racist such as at the Leadership Summit where he credited “African-Americans for building this country”. Not the usual pandering of Democratic Candidates such as Hillary Clinton bragging about her penchant for “hot sauce” who Kweli openly defended after the 2016 election. If we are talking about xenophobic remarks didn’t she call African-American youth ‘superpredators’? Also if Trump was such a homophobe why was his personal lawyer, Roy Cohn a gay man? Trump doesn’t hate women because anyone who does, wouldn’t get married three times.


Roy Cohn and Trump in 1983.

Talib Kweli who was accused of sexual harassment last year made other false claims about the Democratic Party such as that Turning Point USA was funded by white nationalists when in reality it was funded by a white evangelical named Foster Stephen Friess. Kweli also claimed in the Vlad interview that Candace Owens is a white nationalist even though she is black and “big upped” Hitler which isn’t true if you look at her full statement. Kweli’s agenda is to support his brother Jamal Greene who is an up and comer in the Democratic Party by spreading propaganda against the GOP even if it is to the detriment of the black community much like many liberals who have enriched themselves at our community’s expense.


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