Interview with Pop Da Brown Hornet

20507068_496397477372928_8836088401548195499_oI caught up with one of Staten Island’s legendary rappers, Pop Da Brown Hornet. A rapper who made a lot of noise in the early 90s with street anthems such as “Can you Wu-Wu-Wu”. Pop also was an influence in the origins of Wu-Tang Clan but fell out with the group after not agreeing to the terms of the initial contracts which only offered 5% of his publishing. Pop eventually signed a major deal with MCA and released a widely considered classic album but lacked promotion!!

I caught up with the talented emcee and we discussed via Zoom the discrepancies in the Wu-Tang clan Netflix series, artists selling their soul for success in the music industry, and his new album Foreman Mandela. Check out Pop The Brown Hornet song “Black on Black Crime”.


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