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7 And 0 Here We Go! Patriots Shut Out The Jets!

The Pat’s offense steps up, while the Pat’s defense remains number one after Monday nights 33 to 0 win over the Jets.

Written By Shannon MacDevine

For the second time this season, the Patriots shut out their opponent! Now at 7-0, the Pats won the day with a 33 to 0 win over the New York Jets in New Jersey.

Starting the game with an 8 minute and 47-second drive ending in a touchdown, the Pat’s offense set the tone for the rest of the game. Not only did the offense have possession of the ball for over 12 minutes in the first quarter, but they finally had equal footing with the defense.

Quarterback Tom Brady was in his element with 31 out of 45 pass attempts for a total of 249 yards and one passing touchdown. Maybe it was the New Jersey crowd chanting “Brady Brady” by the end of the game, but the goat avoided getting sacked throughout the game; even showing some fancy footwork during the 3rd quarter.

The Patriot’s Offense Steps Up Their Game

Per usual, Brady was not the only star on the field. As a matter of fact, Sony Michel may have had that distinction with 3 rushing touchdowns, and 42 yards rushing. Wide receiver Julian Edelman came in second with 20 yards rushing, while running back Damien Harris pitched in with 12 yards.

The passing game, on the other hand, was as diverse as ever with running back James White receiving 7 out of 8 passes for 59 yards-longest pass reception yards of the game. Wide receiver Jakobi Meyers and running back Brandon Bolden also didn’t drop a single pass.

Bolden, who caught 4 out of 4 passes, gathered a total of 39 yards. Meyers, 5 out of 5 pass receptions, tied with Edelman for 47 yards. Edelman, who caught 7 out of 12 intended receptions, also had an amazing game when you toss his rushing stats into the mix.

Not to be forgotten, wide receiver Phillip Dorsett also had a great game with 3 out of 4 receptions for 46 yards. Dorsett also had the second-longest pass reception of 26 yards which resulted in the only passing touchdown of the game. Bolden, who had the longest pass reception of the night, caught a beautiful 28-yard pass in the first quarter.

Not to be left out, Meyers caught a fantastic 23-yard reception in the 2nd quarter, and White snatched a 22-yard pass from Brady, as well.

If the offense wasn’t enough to scare the Jets, the Patriots defense had Jet’s quarterback Darnold “seeing ghosts”; as the sideline mic so politely let us know.

The Patriot’s Defence Still Stands At Number One!

The Jets, who had just over 21 minutes of ball possession, must have been seeing spooks as their QB Darnold threw out 32 passes with only 11 receptions. During one spectacular moment in the 3rd quarter, the ball was snapped way too high, resulting in a safety. At another point in the 4th quarter, the Jets muffed their punt, which Mathew Slater recovered-fumble for us!

That was not the only turnover in the game; by a long shot. Linebacker Kyle Van Noy blitz the Jets QB in the first half of the game causing a fumble. This came after Devin McCourty’s interception in the first quarter. Not to be outdone, the rest of the Pat’s defense joined in the fun and totaled 4 interceptions by the end of the game.

Safety Terrence Brooks, Duron Harmon, and cornerback Stephen Gilmore all caught interceptions from the Jet’s QB. Defensive end John Simon also had the only sack for the Pat’s defense. We can’t be too hard on them though, considering the Patriot’s defense has faced 91 drives and only allowed 3 touchdowns this year!

While the defense is cementing itself further into the #1 spot, and the offense is swiftly catching up, the special teams are also doing their job. Though they didn’t get a lot of action in Monday nights game, we are all relieved to see new Patriots kicker Mike Nugent hit every extra point and a 34-yard field goal to boot.

Head coach Bill Belichick also used the open NFL rules to buy his team some extra time during the fourth quarter. With a-done on purpose- delay of game and a false start, Belichick actually came close to a smile as he shook his head at the “probably needs to be changed” rules.

Next Sunday, the Patriots will battle it out with the Browns at home. Looking forward to moving into 8-0 territory, the game will be a can’t miss occasion. Stay tuned!




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