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Suncere Ali Shakur Discriminated by Recreational Center In Cleveland, Ohio



Wolfpack Gunshot Response Team led by Suncere Ali Shakur, 2nd from left, w Stop the Bleeding course certificate

Suncere Ali Shakur is an extremely dedicated activist who was a grassroots first responder in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and is a founding member of the Wolfpack Gunshot Response Team which mobilizes and empowers African-American youth by providing them with trauma kits to respond to gunshot, stabbings, and bomb wounds before EMS or law enforcement arrives.

Suncere recently sat down for a Zoom interview to discuss his challenges with mental health and the issues he is dealing with in Cleveland because of the unprofessional staff of the Sterling Recreational Center in Cleveland, Ohio that tried to discourage Suncere from using their services with his attempts to shed the weight he gained because of depression.



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