Who Do I Want To Be?

From being a bartender to aspiring to excel in writing . I would love to be assigned tasks on topics and being able to express myself with both my opinion and facts. Without a degree its hard to be a somebody nowadays. Not genuinely knowing where I want to be in the world and bouncing between going to school and continuing work full time. I want more than anything to go back to school but im not blessed with the funds. One of these days im hoping someone can help me look into grants or discounts. I would need them to be online as well. Not sure if this will reach anybody but im hoping it does.

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@RussMusic @LeeshiesPCs #jackmeofftrade #thepackie 25 year old lyricist/bartender/underground music enthusiast/freelance writer/Entrepreneur climbing the ladder of success in every possible aspect. Sarcasm is my specialty as well as good vibes and live music. Always looking for a way up . All the way up.

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  1. I think honestly that a degree isn’t important in making a contribution in society. While I did attend college I think I would have been better off spending that time doing something else and wasted valuable time in my life. While I do know a lot of people who have achieved success some with formal educations and those without it. I think the most important part is to have a clear idea of where you want to go in life but don’t think you can’t get there without a degree. Check out https://www.collegegrant.net

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