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Why African-Americans Shouldn’t Vote Democrat in the 2020 Election


I’m not going to write that Donald Trump is the greatest President in history but I do believe he has been the greatest President for African-Americans in my lifetime, even if this was inadvertent. While many Conservatives go overboard with praising him, under his Presidency the economy has been doing well, the job market is solid and the poverty rate is down. While Trump has made some xenophobic comments in the past such as calling Africa and Haiti ‘shithole countries’ or saying there were ‘fine people on both sides’ in Charlottesville, keep in mind in the same speech he also condemned neo-Nazis and white nationalist. It is more important to look at his actions such as in 2018, Trump gave more than three hundred and sixty million dollars–thirty two million more than Obama to HBCUs.


Black people have supported the Democratic Party and in exchange have gotten policies which have broken up our family units. One of the Democratic presidential hopefuls former Vice President Joe Biden actually wrote the 1994 crime bill, legislation that created sentencing disparities and resulted in the excessive incarceration of African-Americans. Joe Biden literally stole a whole generations of black men from their families and while the Democrats are realizing that he will be unable to win an election against Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren emerges as the forerunner who is a better candidate for Democrats keep in mind she is the Senator of a racist state where historically African-American schools are underfunded and lied about her Native American Ancestry for career advancement.

Some issues that concern me about the Trump presidency are his healthcare policies which has caused me to have a fondness for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ but his “Medicare for All” would cost 3 trillion dollars and isn’t fiscally responsible, or Trump rolling back environmental protections which are more likely to effect the African-American community, or Trump’s unwillingness to force police reform through the Justice Department.

Donald Trump

However, even with the issues I’ve named about Trump I believe him to be less racist than most of the Democratic candidates with the exception of Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, and Bernie Sanders. My support for Trump is because of his ability to create economic opportunities for African-Americans and electing any of the Democratic candidates whose main focus is on creating open borders will undermine the prosperity of our communities.

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