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Is Jeffree Star A Morphe Consultant?

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s new docu gives life to whether or not Jeffree Star is more than just a Morphe collab

Written By Shannon MacDevine

The second episode of The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star not only spills some tea on the beauty community but gives some added fuel to whether or not Jeffree Star does have a deeper tie to Morphe than just a collab?

Shane Dawson’s documentary is now two episodes in, and we definitely learned some interesting tidbits…. and no I’m not talking about confirming that Shane is a nervous peerer. Jeez.

If you read my last article you’ll remember that I had some thoughts about Jeffree Star being a consultant for Morphe Brushes. I still get the impression that it’s true, and this latest episode gives my theory more fuel. For that reason, I am going to take the opportunity to say that unless otherwise specified, the content in this article is just my opinion. It is purely my opinion and nothing more.

Shane Dawson’s Second Installment: The Secrets Of The Beauty World

Before we get into my theories, let’s backtrack through the episode. I can’t seem to decide whether I think this is one big promotion for the Shane Dawson upcoming palette or an actual exposé about the beauty industry. I’m guessing it’s one disguised as the other; I’m just not sure which yet, though.

The documentary as a whole has a feeling of humble eliteness complete with some genuine moments mixed with outrageous boasts of wealth. Quite frankly, it left me feeling like I, “Can’t relate.”

A genuine moment for me was when Jeffree and Shane found the tea bag in the parking lot.  I felt a character shift in Jeffree Star that is rare to see. His voice and normal tone even changed, and he just seemed…human.

On the other hand, something like a 20 million dollar profit margin, and the devastation over a bedazzled ranch bottle boggles the mind. It all comes down to context though.

Nikki Tutorials and Too Faced Collab Drama

A perfect example of context was when Jeffree and Shane were talking about Nikki Tutorial’s alleged $50,000 deal with Too Faced. That’s a lot of money for most people, but when you look at it through the lens of Nikki allegedly only making .005% of what was made off of the collab; wow!

The Nikki and Too Faced collab was only one tea bag that Shane and Jeffree dropped. Jeffree and his team also put out some interesting averages on how much an eyeshadow palette costs to manufacture. I have to admit that I was not overly surprised by this. Beauty enthusiasts have started to pay attention to what they are actually paying for these days.

It is not surprising that beauty brands don’t want to cut their profit margins too close, but an alleged 700% mark-up is pretty steep; especially considering that the ingredients that go into “luxury” shadows are not that different from the ingredients in drugstore eyeshadows; but that is a rabbit hole for another day.

Are Jeffree Star And Morphe Are More Than Collaborators?

So, let’s get into the crux of the matter-the Morphe speculation. In my last article, I talked about Jeffree being upset about someone causing him to lose money. I thought it could have been James Charles as this was right around the Tati Westbrook birthday fiasco. Interestingly though, Shane and Jeffree made it a point to bring up James Charles and how well he was doing through the Morphe collab and his merch company Sisters Apparel; which is distributed through Jeffree’s company Killer Merch. Hmmm

Let’s put the James Charles angle on hold for a minute though, and talk about Shane. First, Shane gets a bouquet of roses from Morphe worth (according to the documentary) $469. As the palette was announced during that opening, does it make sense that Morphe was hoping to get in on it? Hear me out…

If Jeffree Star is a consultant, he could potentially bring influencers to Morphe that he knows will make a profit. He will then take a percentage of those influencer collab sales. Okay, let’s go back in time a bit. The last big Morphe storm was the Jaclyn Hill Vault palette. This is where I would guess Jeffree Star stepped in. To simplify things, I am going to bullet point the timeline.

  • Aug 2018-Jaclyn Hill’s Vault palette had major inconsistency issues, and it didn’t do as well as projected.
  • Aug 2018-Jeffree Star Cosmetics launches in Morphe Stores.
  • Nov 2018-James Charles collabs with Morphe on the Unleash Your Inner Artist palette. It does very well.
  • Feb 2019-Jeffree Star’s first collab with Morphe. Record-breaking launch.
  • Feb through June 2019-Tati Westbrook’s “birthday fiasco” where the alleged James Charles drama began and culminated with the “bye sister” video effectively ending the friendship Tati Westbook and Jeffree Star had with James Charles.
  • Aug 2019– Jeffree Star launches the second collab with Morphe. Another marked success.
  • October 2019– Shawn Dawson reveals collab with Jeffree Star Cosmetics to be sold at Morphe locations.
  • 2019 Year to date– Besides the upcoming Shane Dawson X JSC collab, there have not been any other Morphe collabs in 2019.

When looking at it in a timeline, some of the dates are pretty convenient, but let’s take a closer look at what’s going on now, shall we? Shane Dawson is going to be launching his first-ever makeup collab with JSC. During episode two of the documentary, Jeffree, Shane, and the JSC team discussed where Shane’s palette would be launched. The decision seemed to be made that it would be an exclusive launch to JSC sites and Morphe; versus launching with all of the brands Jeffree is associated with.

Okay, that makes sense, right. Exclusivity will drive sales yadda yadda yadda, but who else is JSC associated with? From what I can tell, JSC is sold on many different sites worldwide, but Morphe and Beautylish are the only two retailers in the US that can legally sell JSC.

If we assume for a moment that Jeffree is a consultant for Morphe; Jeffree would then earn a profit from the JSC X Shane launch, profit from the order Morphe would place for  JSC X Shane products, and earn a potential percentage on top of that from the Morphe sales. It could also set up a nice transition for Shane to collab again with Morphe in the future.

Jeffree Star’s Other Ties With Morphe

Jeffree has many ties with Morphe beyond makeup products. His best friend Nicole, better known as “Lipsticknick”, is the Director of Global Artistry at Morphe. Also, in an interview with The, Jeffree was asked about his latest Morphe collab; specifically the lip kits. When asked if there was a difference between the JSC lippies and the Morphe lip kit, Jeffree responded, “…they’re identical formulas. I shared with Morphe, in confidence, the formulas for that.”

Why would he do that? If it’s the exact same formula being sold for a lot cheaper…it doesn’t make sense to me. I, on the other hand, am not a business expert, and perhaps it’s just as Jeffree says; sharing good information to make products better for the consumer.

Like I mentioned above, all of this is speculation on my part and only one person’s opinion. I did have another thought though, which I don’t believe is going to be popular. Now, I don’t necessarily think this is true, but it would make sense.

Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill

If you are reading this article, you are more than likely up to date on all the beauty drama, and you know what I mean by “lipstick-gate”. You have also probably heard talk about Jaclyn Hill being set up, and Morphe having something to do with it. Well, if there was a competitor that could be a threat to JSC…

If you recall, Jaclyn Hill launched her lipsticks in May 2019, and we all know how that turned out. Also, remember that JSC launched the Jawbreaker palette in early June 2019. With all Jeffree’s ties to Morphe, and the alleged Morphe involvment…I’m not even going to say it.

As I mentioned, I only add this because it would make sense, not that I think it’s necessarily true. I happen to be a fan of JSC, and Jeffree Star himself. While I think what we see on Youtube is a carefully cultivated persona, I do believe he is an amazing self-taught businessman.

What are your thoughts? I am totally wrong in my opinion? Take a look at part two of Shane Dawson’s new documentary, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, below and tell me your opinions!

The Secrets Of The Beauty World

Until next time.










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