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Game Recap: Patriots Win 33 To 7 Over The Redskins

The New England Patriots Defeat The Washington Redskins 33 to 7.

Written by Shannon MacDevine

The New Englands Patriots have won it again with an impressive 33 to 7 win over the Washington Redskins. With the #1 defense in the NFL, the Patriot’s offense needs to catch up.

There is no doubt that the Pat’s performance this past Sunday was nothing short of impressive. With 33 unanswered points in the second half, it made everyone feel better about the first half; which was a little shaky.

For the first time this season, the Pat’s trailed in the first quarter after the Redskins rushed for 65 yards resulting in a touchdown. Not to be outdone, however,  Patriots quarterback Tom Brady answered back with a TD pass to Edleman shortly after.

Though the first half was a little nerve-racking for Pat’s fans, there definitely were some highlights. Ryan Izzo and Matt LaCosse, for example, jumped ship on their tight end position and went wide receiver. Izzo caught a 29-yard pass, while Lacosse snatched a 22-yard bullet from Brady. With Dorsett questionable to return to the game (he didn’t make it back in), these two really stepped up their game.

Another brilliant moment in the first quarter was the magnificent stiff-arm thrown out by wide receiver Josh Gorgon who scooted the ball a nice 24 yards downfield.  Another rare, but welcome sight was the Goat running…for 6 yards…and a 1st down. Woo-hoo!

Unfortunately, that was more or less the high points of the first half for the offense. Not only was Brady sacked a few times, but he was also intercepted during the second quarter.

One mystery was solved, though. The Pat’s kicker Stephen Gostkowski will no longer be missing points. His reported hip injury will require season-ending surgery. Patriot’s fans were concerned after the all-star kicker had missed so many normally easy points, so it was not surprising to learn an injury was to blame for the lackluster performance. After a steller 9 years with the Patriots, he will be missed; but is reported to be returning for next season.

Replacing Gostkowski is veteran kicker Mike Nugent. Nugent’s first appearance on the filed was disappointing as he missed his first attempt at an extra point. Perhaps it was just nerves, though, because he did not miss again throughout Sunday’s game.

The second half of the game did bring some improvement. The Pat’s offense scored 33 unanswered points thanks to Izzo, Michel, and Bolden who all made it to the end zone. Bolden caught a nice 29-yard pass for a TD tieing him with Izzo for the second-longest pass reception of the game.

It was Edleman, however, who had the longest pass reception of 31 yards. Edleman also caught 8 out of 9 passes for a total of 110 yards and one TD. Both White and Gordon had decent games with White receiving 6 receptions for 46 yards and Gordon with 5 receptions for 59 yards.

Not to be outdone, Sony Michel was on the board with 3 receptions for 31 yards, but his fancy footwork still led the rushing game with 91 yards and 1 touchdown. James White also rushed for 26 yards and Brandon Bolden rushed 13 yards.

Quarterback Tom Brady also didn’t disappoint (minus the slow start). Brady completed 28 out of 42 passes for 348 yards (the longest yardage this season) and three touchdowns. Brady also out threw Brett Favre this week and took over his number 3 spot on the all-time passing yards list. Though the QB brushes off praise for any milestones, he will likely take over the number one spot at some point this season.

The true stars of Sunday’s game are the Patriot’s defense who is now the number one defense in the NFL! With Hightower, Collins, Shelton, the McCourty brothers, Winovich, Bennett, Van Noy, Butler and the rest, they’re going to be a force that cannot be reckoned with.

Boasting 6 sacks, an interception, and fumble the defense has once again put the Pat’s in a great position moving forward. At 5-0, the Patriots will face the New York Giants in Foxborough on Thursday night. At 2-3, the Giants will still be a fight, but with some offensive finesse, and the status quo defense, New England should be more than okay.

Check back later for more details on Thursday’s game.



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