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Nipsey Hussle Made More of a Contribution than Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. Ever Will

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 7.18.10 AM

David A. Clarke Jr. made some rude remarks in regard to deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle earlier this year. The former Milwaukee County Sheriff referred to Nipsey as a “thug” and said “glamorizing him is cultural rot”. Keep in mind in Clarke’s final term as County Sheriff, at least four people, including a newborn, died at the Milwaukee County Jail under his watch. While Nipsey may have been a gang member the comments of the Sheriff (who claims to be anti-abortion) are disparaging in the sense that they don’t take into account the positivity that Nipsey did in his life such as working with the LAPD to solve gun violence, advocating for STEM among black and brown kids, and investing in the education of young people.

Sheriff Clarke who was a Democrat in 2014 but the cowboy hat-loving Clarke jumped on the opportunity to monetize speaking engagements for Conservatives by such memorable criticisms such as calling Ferguson demonstrators “vultures on a roadside carcass” and alleging an alliance between Black Lives Matter activists and the Islamic State. While those claims have never been substantiated Clarke’s coziness with the NRA and he was paid money by a Russian Agent in 2015.


Sheriff Clarke with foreign agent Marina Butina. A Russian Agent’s group paid for a 2015 trip for the former Sheriff.

So the fact that this sellout to Trump and the NRA has the audacity to criticize Nipsey Hussle is laughable!! Sheriff Clarke was derelict in his duties as law enforcement and used that as a stepping stone to become a paid speaker and peddle his pointless book. Why Sheriff Clarke receives a pension of over $100,000 a year is the real crime on communities?

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