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Rich Lux’s Feelings on Being A Part Of The New Shane Dawson Series

Shane Dawson Uploads the Trailer for his new documentary The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star

Written by Shannon MacDevine

Shane Dawson is set to release his long-awaited documentary series titled The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star on October 1st.

The YouTube community has been waiting with bated breath for Shane Dawson to drop his new documentary series The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star (though commonly referred to as The Beautiful Life Of Jeffree Star). Hints have circulated for months that the docu would go behind the scenes of the beauty community. This was further confirmed last month when it was let known that Jeffree Star would be a major player in the series.

Yesterday on September 24, fans finally got a sneak peek at the new documentary when Dawson revealed the trailer. In case you are not familiar, Shane Dawson is a Youtube personality who gained popularity with his conspiracy theory videos. He really hit the fast lane, however, with his behind the scenes look at some of the most controversial YouTube stars including Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, and of course Jeffree Star.

Watch Trailer Here

Fans of Dawson and Star have taken to Twitter and other social media to express their excitement. One fan wrote on Twitter, “The trailer for the beautiful life of Jeffree Star left me SHOOKETH OooooOooo I’m ready for all that tea.” This was only one among many who are eagerly waiting for the drama.

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It is safe to say the drama and tea anticipation comes from the many familiar faces that are seen in the trailer. The host of one of the most popular drama channels,  Rich Lux, is spotted in the footage; but while he may have his thumb on the pulse of the beauty community drama, he may only be a bi-standard in the series.

The true drama is most likely coming from the Tati Westbrook and James Charles drama that unfolded several months back and heavily involved Jeffree Star. At the time, Westbrook (aka GlamLifeGuru) and Star turned against Charles after Westbrook accused him of not being loyal, and being a preditor to straight men.

While the background reactions would be enough to fill many episodes of the documentary, other faces such as Manny MUA are seen along with some other momentous events. Teasers of Dawson’s proposal to fiance Ryland Adams and Dawson’s potential makeup collab with Star are all predicted to be revealed.

As it seems emotions are going to run high, we reached out to Rich Lux to get his feelings on being a part of the documentary. Lux responded via email and said “I feel happy excited nervous to be part of shane Dawson  documentary the beautiful life of jeffree Star.  Without giving to much away this is going to be the best documentary Shane has ever done.”

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It seems as though this may be Shane Dawson’s biggest documentary series yet. With plenty of tears, laughter, anger, and excitement all covered in the trailer, fans are in for a wild ride come October 1st.






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