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QB Tom Brady Responds “…we don’t feel sorry for them,” After Pat’s 30 to 14 Victory Over The Jets

The Patriots beat out the Jets at home 30 to 14.

Written by Shannon MacDevine

The New England Patriots move to 3 and 0 today after their 30 to 14 victory over the New York Jets. Though they are leading the AFC East, there is plenty of work ahead if the Pats hope to make it back for a fourth consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

There is much to say about today’s Patriots game. First, for anyone who thought the Patriots would lose momentum after losing Antonio Brown-please. True to form, the Patriots adapted to the situation and were able to spread the ball out.

Though there were some amazing receptions from Edleman, Myers, and Gordon, the entire offense was utilized pretty widely. Edelman, who left the game in the second quarter with a chest injury, had the most catches with 7 reception for 62 yards and a touchdown- his first of the season.

Gordon, Dorsett, and Burkhead had 6 receptions each, but the longest reception of the game was caught by rooky tight end Ryan Izzo who received a 41-yard pass. This set the stage for Michel to run in the first touchdown of the day.

On the rushing side of things, the Patriots struggled to move the ball more than a few yards. Burkhead lead the way with 47 yards rushing while the usually agile Michel only managed to move the ball 11 yards-total. On the upside, Burkhead and Michel’s combined 58 yards earned them a touchdown each.

While the Pat’s running game needs a little TLC in the coming weeks, the defense is on their way to being one of the best defenses the Patriots have seen in years. With another 5 saks under their belt (2 from Collins alone) and an interception by McCourty, the Pat’s defense did not give up a single point. Those sins belonged to the offense and special teams.

The Jet’s quarterback was not a happy camper during today’s game. With only 12 completions for 98 yards, he spent a good deal of time looking more than slightly peeved. The 14 points put up by the Jets were courtesy of a fumbled punt reception, and a quick pick 6 at an opportune moment.

That opportune moment came when Brady was taken out of the game in the 4th quarter with a 30 to 7 lead to allow back-up QB, Stidham, a chance for some gameplay. With what looked like a strong start, Stidham threw a more or less direct pass to Jet’s strong safety Jamal Adams. Brady put his helmet back on.

Tom Brady has now won the second-most games ever; falling right under former teammate Adam Vinatieri. With 28 completions for 306 yards today, the Goat is as disciplined as ever. He even made a blocking attempt during today’s game.

In the post-game conference, Brady sifted through questions about the difficulties of such a physical game. When asked about reconfiguring the offense on the fly Brady responded by saying all teams go through it, “…No one feels sorry for us; we don’t feel sorry for them. It’s just, we’ve got to go out there and try to win a game.”

The Patriots will head out to battle the Bills next week in Buffalo. With both teams undefeated, the Patriots will have a tougher battle than they have had yet this season. Stay tuned next week for the next round.







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